Guilty Pleasures and Cheap Thrills !!!

What Perfume or Cologne Do You Like?

The scent of a woman's perfume, drifting in my direction at an unwary moment. Good perfume. I credit Peaches and ETP on another thread for drawing this out of me--at another unwary moment!

As a gift, some time ago I bought the Herve Leger Eau De Parfum, pictured below. As you see, the bottle has an interesting curved form.

From the recent past, I have one lingering perfume memory. I was at the TCU Barnes & Noble college bookstore, looking at blank journal books. Then, literally from behind me, a subtle fragrant scent flowed my way, like a gentle zephyr. I turned around, and it was from the pretty strawberry blonde Texas belle that worked there (she was sorting out a book display). It helped to redeem a day that I had almost rued...

Herve Leger is described as follows:

"The scent opens with the sparkling, fruity notes of Chinese osmanthus flower, water jasmine and black currant blossom. The soft purple orchid and the rich, feminine scent of matthiola follow. A voluptuous fusion of heliotrope, vanilla and precious sandalwood finish."

image and description from www . / Herve-Leger-Perfume-for-Women-1.7-oz-Eau-De-Parfum-Spray-p-23191 . html
Anyone have their own favorite perfumes or colognes that they like the scent of?


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Anyone have their own favorite perfumes or colognes that they like the scent of?
I alternate between two: Laila (by Geir Ness), and Blu (by Bulgari--the men's cologne). Crabtree and Evelynn used to make a scent called Cayman Wind, which I LOVED...but then they stopped making it. :(

On DH, I love Cool Water (by Davidoff), Polo (by Ralph Lauren), and Aspen Discovery (by ???).

I also love Bulgari Blu on men. My teacher always wore it, which was very nice. Unfortunately, it does not smell good on DH. (Which isn't so bad, because it means I got the bottle of it that someone gave to him...and he loves it on me.)


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Oh it is! But the deli is closed for the evening. And that's probably a good thing, I've blown my allotment of points for junk food this week already.

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