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Has anyone taken classes from them, and if so, what did hey think about them? They are scheduled to be nearby in a couple months and, I had been considering taking some of their workshops (subjects yet to be announced).


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Has anyone taken classes from them, and if so, what did hey think about them?
I went to a workshop of theirs a couple of weeks ago. Considering the price, I was rather underwhelmed. Part of the problem was the size of the class - I would guess between 60 and 80 people - so there was very little opportunity for individual instruction. The format was of the demonstrate/replicate variety, i.e. they would demonstrate a figure, and then have the class do it. There was some exposition, but not a lot - more of a 'do it this way', 'not this way' variety.

I went to two classes - the first was on walking, and more or less confirmed what I've been taught about the tango walk (but without the theory or background details behind it). The second class was on boleos (more specifically counter-boleos) and was a bit beyond my ability. While the second class was definitely on the nuevo side of things, the first was very traditional material.

Was it worth it? Well, I'm lucky in that I have a very good local teacher who gives classes 4 times a week for a very reasonable price, so I feel I have a much more cost-effective alternative for my tango development. That said, I do admire their tango skills and enjoyed the classes for what they were, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. I guess whether they're worth it to you will depend on what other tango instruction you have available.
i think their classes are better suited to more experienced dancers, not so much for technique but to hear naveira (a godfather of 'nuevo' tango) explain structural principles underlying tango movements, especially if you haven't heard his take before.


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Save your money for a trip to BsAs. They present too much material in four days. They know you'll forget most of it and have to return to another session. You are a social dancer. The course includes things not appropriate for the milonga floor.


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OK, I'm thinking about it again. They're going to be in NYC next month, and so I'm thinking about making the trek to the Big Apple. Any new thoughts?
its a broad spectrum of workshops, and I would go if it was here in the uk. and they are described in depth. Like most workshops you will have to practice after for a while before its danceable at a milonga. Pick the ones that interest you most. 5, 9 & 10 appeal to me..;)


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My apologies, as I now realize my recent question was rather ambiguous (to say the least). I'm really trying to find out what others think about their skill at teaching. If we go, we'll likely take all the classes, as it's too expensive to go to NYC (hotels in particular), without trying to get everything you can out of it.

I suspect we'd be able to find a milonga or two someplace in New York, so I'm viewing it sort of like a tango festival (where I'm immersed in tango for an extended weekend).


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Ive found them to be good teachers, receptive to questions & actively seeking to solve problems. The style of presentation provided a spectrum of options so it's possible to adapt what fits you and of course, as he says (paraphrase) the goal is not to memorize everything, but to learn the principles that allow you to dance. One example that stood out for me was his demonstration of the embrace - close embrace was for dancing, it opened to more of a V as he looked around the room to wink at the ladies on the side or stop & wave to someone, it opened to a wider V to flash smiles, show off his clothes & wave to the "cameras", it opened more to do exhibition style moves - you could choose which style of embrace fit your needs.

Problem was the class size was really large.

Go to their milonga, get there early. Last time they were here there was a line from the 4th floor, down the stairs, through the lobby, & out the door.

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