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I contacted Boyko for an upcoming competition and got a "you are on the list" e-mail back. For some reason, I have had a slew of Unfortunate Incidents around hair and make-up appointments, including somebody getting sick so they had to cancel (that was Boyko, none of the rest of these are), being given times absurdly and unworkably close to my first heat, etc. Once, a vendor gave me the wrong time and only became helpful when I showed them the e-mail I had received. o_O

In this particular case, I don't have a good built-in backup. Thus, it occurred to me that I could make an appointment with another vendor as well and cancel one of them. The one time I cancelled an appointment (one of the absurdly close to my first heat incidents), it didn't cause the vendor any issue as she had a waiting list (and I would have paid her if she hadn't been able to make up the income). Thus, what seemed unthinkable--making a 2nd just-in-case appointment--starts to seem plausible.

So, no big deal if I did that or as unthinkable as I originally thought? And, what is people's track record with Boyko and "you are on the list"? I don't care whether or not he is the one who does my hair, but I don't want it done the night before (and I told them that).

Thank you!


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The only time I got an appt time with Boyko that was like yours, too close to my first heat, I emailed back and said, "no can do" to that time and requested another time. They emailed back and said, "6:30 a.m." is the only opening. So I took that one. I'm also booking appointments with Bokyo just as soon as the comp I'm attending shows up on this website. I figure it may be "first come, first served," so maaaybe I'll get slotted into a good time...? I know they need to wait for the schedule to come out, but I figure it's worth a shot.

But the other times I've hired Boyko ran smoothly. Personally, I don't have the money to hire two people, so me, I'd stick with the one who styled me best and who had the best lines of communication. Can you be your backup? Is there a simple style you could do in a pinch? Can you do you own face if desperate? Just, booking someone and cancelling them - even if you pay them - bottom line is another dancer's hair or face isn't getting done. That may not bother a hair/makeup person however. Ask whoever your backup is.

The only thing that went wrong, for me, with Boyko, is that at the last comp he styled me hideously. Hideously. I could not believe such a thing was possible. I thought it was a joke: I literally had a two-inch wide curl of hair sticking out perpendicularly to the side of my head that you could see through - remember "Predator"? With the shoulder cannon? That's what this looked like - a two-inch diameter round hole sitting on the top of my ear. My partner was never going to be able to look me in the eye, I just knew, I just knew his eyes would drift and start looking through the hole! MINE DID!! I asked Boyko to fix it, he weaved a piece around it and THEN the hairstyle became magic. But I am still in shock about that hair hole, to the point where I may not hire him again.

Of course, my, "Oh, Boyko, no... Oh no... No, this is not okay..." may have put ME on his "DO NOT STYLE" list!!! :hilarious:


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Aw! I've only scheduled twice with Boyko and it's gone well both times. Second time they said they had nothing, put me on the "wait", and a week later scheduled me via email. Been totally happy with my hair (and, as a woman of African American descent, that is saying something)! But seriously, I was worried about how he worked with my hair texture knowing my hair is not a typical texture for his work...

I guess it's a crap shoot (a little): human variability and all. Not a good answer- especially when it's your hair caught in the crossfire! Good luck next time!

Oh- and a "second choice": I've heard Margaret at Purple Tiger is great! Otherwise, I'd say - learn how to do a quick, slick bun!


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I never 'double book' with two different stylists. I think the stylists explicitly ask that you don't do that.

There are a lot of stylists out there. Try a few and see who you prefer. The more popular the stylist is, the more likely you are to get undesirable time slots. The earlier you book, the better.


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I've never had an issue with Boyko and I've used his services several times. Typically it's easier, in my experience, to text msg with him. And yes, I got "your on the list" each time. However, several of us have also learned that we can get our hair done the night or day before we dance and sleep on a satin pillow, he touches up - the day of dancing, in-between appts.
I've also told him, each time before sitting, (due to a few "why did I pay for this" appts with other comp hair people) what I was dancing (sometimes two different styles in one day), I'm conservative and I have to jump from one costume to a very different one. He always appreciated a picture of the dress. I have never booked 2 different hair vendors, ever. I suppose it's a good with - since the OP has had unexpected things go sideways.


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As I have mentioned in previous threads, I have always had a great experience with Boyko. They do send a 'you are on the list' email. They will have a confirmation code on there, which you need to keep. Although, I have never been asked for it. They send you the hair and make up timings after the heat lists come out. I have never had a problem. If Boyko himself is there, he is quite fast, and I always love his work. All his other stylists have also done a good job for me. No complaints. Hope all works out well! Good luck!
I want to report back that it all went perfectly. Appointment was at a reasonable time (not too early in the morning, not too close to my first heat), hair and makeup were terrific (assistant for hair, not Boyko), and they were running on time. :D
This has been my experience as well - and I always show him a photo of the dress as well as one or two images of hairstyles that indicate the direction I am thinking. I've been very happy each time.


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I had my hair and makeup appointments, both with assistants of Boyko, and they both did a great job. *But*. My hair appointment was for the night before and they asked me to come back an hour later because they were running behind and the girls hanging out in the room were supposed to dance right away. I don't know how often this happens, but it was just kind of a side eye moment. It was still fine, though, because that way it looked like I ended up being the last appointment of the night, so there was no rush (and I have a lot of very thick hair so hairstylists usually end up needing extra time for me).

The other thing? Tessa did an absolutely BEAUTIFUL makeup job that I couldn't complain about even if I wanted to - I felt like a goddess and got so many compliments. Again, there's a *but* here - the "practices" had me wondering. I saw all the brushes in the room hadn't been cleaned from their last use, and they applied stick foundations straight to my face without at least wiping the top or even spraying them with alcohol, and even used the liquid lipstick applicators from the tube. Fortunately nothing went wrong on my skin, but it still niggled at me - little things like that are how infections happen. I saw Natasha from Purple Tiger later in the day (we went to makeup school together) and she said that was the biggest reason she went to makeup school - she already knew how to do dance/stage makeup, but she wanted to learn kind of the proper protocol and hygiene.

But again, everyone was very nice and did a great job on both my hair and makeup, and Boyko was very sweet when I actually sat down - he asked what I was going for and gave my hairstylist, Jenny, more specific instructions on how to get me the look I wanted. Also, this is just an observation, but having your hair sprayed so much and so close is a really strange sensation :D

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