Halloween socials

Mr 4 styles

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Alas not this year ill be competing in chicago on halloween in an NQE who's brilliant idea was that.. too bad we cannot compete in costume err halloween costumes


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Desperate for ideas here. Dance partner is going as the "ancient aliens guy," and pretty sure I need a more appropriate costume for our social event.

I guess if all else fails I'll go as Lara Croft in my scuba skin suit.


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Since I've had a break between comps, I've been wearing my beard grown out the last few months. Neatly trimmed to be clear, not Duck Dynasty style. Anyways, I wanted to come up with a costume that wouldn't require me shaving it off. In the end, I decided to indulge my not-so-inner geek. I'll be attending this year's Halloween social as Commander Riker.


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Seems to be first weekend in November the past few years. Too bad it's that weekend, or I'd consider going--always falls on the same weekend as DCDI, for which no traveling is needed.


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I'm going to a Halloween dance, which will be featuring a 17 piece live band. I'm planning on dressing up as a witch.


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Going to the studio party, but then leaving partway through to drive that night to St. Louis for a workshop there. We won't be dressing up, needless to say, but I imagine all the other people will be.

A good Riker costume needs a lot of eyeliner and hair gel. :)


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The university club has a dance tonight, but I don't think I'll do more than wear black plus witch's hat. Friends have a party on Saturday, and I wasn't having any brilliant ideas, and I'm not typically much of a costume person, so I was thinking of going without. But earlier this week, a friend who is very much a costume person suggested Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I have a black dress, Amazon had some long black gloves that should arrive today, and I've got sparkles, makeup, clip-in hair extensions, and the beginnings of updo skill because of ballroom. So I spent yesterday evening playing with hair, and it's a go.


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Ultimately going as a countess/vampire to my own studio's social as well as another. Did a showcase last night with my new instructor, and now going to another studio's social with the same costume. Be safe everyone!

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