Happy and/or Random Thoughts #3


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Yeah, surgeon said it had probably been torn for a while (actually, it was shredded) but I fell dancing some smooth last October and messed it up to the point of pain. Luckily I had a couple of months to work with a trainer to make the knee strong prior to the surgery, hence the quick recovery (and no pain!!!)
Random and Happy - need to eat more calcium but am dairy free, so I am experimenting making cheesecake. It turns out its more like icecream - using tofu, coconut cream, gelatin and various flavourings. The first one (using a raspberry jelly) was really nice and I ate it all in a day:jawdrop: the current one is chocolate. It isn't quite set yet but it makes a nice milkshake:hungry: I wonder if it will make it to icecream.... I don't much like tofu, but like this, well, I've changed my view. I'll beat this osteoporosis yet.
No kidding. It was 5 F here yesterday morning. That's nuts for Alabama.
And in NZ we are currently having some sort of weird heat wave thing, where our night time temperatures are beating our records for hot. Something to do with the ocean being warm, so we don't get our usual cool southerly wind...... hence I am making icecream and cheesecake while you guys are probably wanting something a bit warmer!
More research shows that here (USA), Chinese gooseberry is what Actinidia deliciosa was called before it's name was changed to kiwi fruit. It might remain a mystery for a while.
It was wiki that said it was known as Chinese gooseberry. I agree with you, that maybe they are muddling up the two. kiwi fruit look like an egg shaped Kiwi without the legs and beak. Green inside with black pips. They ripen later, during May. Nice too, but personally I like the feijoa better.
I wonder what you guys grow that I've not heard of???


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Even more research shows that it is available here and apparently even grown here (California). It can be ordered online as well.

I doubt that there is anything that originates here that you wouldn't have, but I suppose it's possible that there is produce that originated in South America that we have that you do not.


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Penultimate physical therapy session is today; last one is scheduled for Thursday. I feel a lot better, and stronger, than when I started physical therapy. And, I've learned lots of new exercises, including those with the TRX and cable columns, to incorporate into future workouts. Physical therapy staff have also cued into that I do yoga, and have given me a few yoga based exercises incorporating free weights. You try holding a tree pose and passing a weight back and forth, or doing Warrior III holding a free weight.

I went dancing Saturday night, and interestingly I had never felt more grounded to the floor, and my frame felt stronger too. I've also noticed that a few people look a lot shorter to me, so I must be holding myself taller.

I hope I can keep up the maintenance, and not sustain another injury. I've joked with the physical therapy staff I'm a three time loser now.


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My last physical therapy session was yesterday evening. The primary physical therapist I've worked with sent me home with two pages of exercises, including specific number of repetitions and weights, and three therapy bands (green, red and black). I feel a lot better, and I'm glad it's over, but it's still in the back of my mind if/when I'll be back.

I think the physical therapist is concerned I'm going to have a dance related injury. I demonstrated two dance moves yesterday - one was a cha cha basic - and he was concerned that it's going to put a lot of strain on my back. I think he'd prefer I stick with more sedate dances like waltz or foxtrot. I don't dance as much as I used to, and I'll try to take care when I go out, but you can't ask me to stop some dances I like.


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Happy, random thought. Friday I wore an amazonite bracelet that I made, that had a crystal butterfly charm attached. When I took the bracelet off Friday evening, I was sad to discover the charm was missing. Since I had worn the bracelet to work and grocery shopping, I figured the odds of me finding the charm were slim to none. Yesterday when I got into my car, I see a glint of crystal on the mat by the pedals. It was the crystal butterfly charm! I'll make sure it's more securely attached, so this doesn't happen again.


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Thanks for the good giggle.

And glad you're well healed. :)
My physical therapist is not a dancer. I'm sure he has a visions of, uhmmm, old folks doing a nondescript foxtrot that requires no physical exertion. Think what you might see from movies from the 30's and 40's, of couples barely moving in place. If he'd actually see me do any dancing, I'm sure he'd be properly horrified.
I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but an unexpected benefit of the physical therapy is that my dance frame is a lot stronger and more stable. It's all the exercises with the TRX and cable columns, among others. They work. If there's anyone out there with lower back injuries or sciatica, there is hope if you're willing to do the work and stay with the exercise program. It took 3 months to sort out my lower back injury, but I'm fine now.


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So random - just came back from a meeting to 2 different messages from people I don't actually know all that well asking if I am doing hair at a comp in a nearby city this weekend. (I'm not.) One followed up asking if I'd do it here before they go. (Maybe. I'll call them after work.)

When did this always-do-my-own-and-occasionally-other-people's turn into a viable side hustle?

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