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Vince A said:
Hi dd,

You mentioned wedding and butterflies in the same response, which reminded of a wedding that I went to this summer. Nearly 400 invited guests were given a small 2 inch by 2 inch box as they entered the wedding area - outside wedding of course!

As the couple was pronounced "man and wife," each guest was to open their box. The time came, 400 boxes opened up releasing 400 butterflies! It was a thing of beauty!
We're actually trying to work this into our budget right now...and we're trying to make sure it won't be too cold. October in Wisconsin can be very iffy.

Thanks for the story!!!


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dancersdreamland said:
will35 said:
We had better warn Pygmalion that getting a tattoo is a little painful for a while afterward. Not something to do just for yucks.
agreed...itchy too!!!
Hey, what's a little itch and discomfort, when I can make a long-lasting statement? Who knows what the statement might be, but a statement I shall make! :lol:
Happy thoughts of late:

Talking to my mentor on the phone for the first time in months!
Having said mentor say he'll possibly have work for me when I get home for winter break.
Talking to favorite boy back home! ::swoon::
I've been able to get some sleep lately.
School shouldn't kill me .... .... .... yet.
Listening to Nat King Cole and thinking of favorite boy ::double swoon complete with chills up and down my spine:: it's a happy sad ::shrug:: alas! *sigh*

ok 'nough of that... back to work!


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Ah yes. The old absence makes the heart grow fonder phenomenon. Sweet. :D I love romance. Especially the kind that involves innocent longing. It doesn't get better than that! :D Enjoy your happy thoughts! :D
Pygmalion said:
I'm getting a tattoo, a scorpion. (I'm NOT a scorpio ) As soon as I find a tattoo artist that for sure doesn't share needles or ink.
Woo hoo! You're joining the Scorpion clan Jenn! :D :) :eek: :lol: 8) :roll: :wink: :) :eek:

Oddly enough, I have not a single tattoo...and that brings me to my random thought:

Why do certain people find tattoos sexy?

I recall a History teacher telling me about the early Europeans (from Spain) who first met the Pacific Islanders (Maori? Tahitians?) centuries ago by sailing to their islands. At the time...the native women saw these newcomers as full of "mana"...and literally started doing the horizontal mambo with these lucky !@!**&#!! *ahem* I mean adventurous Spaniards en masse. Since these islanders had a very strong tradition of having tattoos...this became the origin of the sexual myths around tattoos and sailors in our modern culture.

Hmm, I think I just answered my own question...I wonder about myself at times... :shock:
Here is a random thought. I was sitting at a traffic light today watching the cars come and go. I thought, Whoever invented this thing is one hell of a guy. How many lives has the traffic light saved? And all we do is curse when we come to a red light. Some fantastic people really get no credit.
There could be an entire thread about amazing people we don't hear much about and obscure inventors.

What first pops into mind (because I've been thinking about it for a couple of days) is Charles Drew... I know he's not unheard of but he his also just barely touched upon in American History. He studied blood and blood transfusions and discovered that the plasma could be separated from the blood and the two could be frozen separately then recombined. This allowed blood to be stored for about a week (before that piont the shelf life of blood was about two days max). This made banking blood widely possible transfusions available to so many more people. Talk about the lives he saved!!
Fascinating, isn't it? Regarding dancing, the same thing happens. We talk about all these famous couples, but who was the couple who invented the waltz? Were they just a couple of Italian peasants, and did they get credit in their time? We can even still find terrific recordings of singers and players who are completely forgotten today. How did we let that history disappear so quickly?
Probably because we're lazy. :lol: we can't know everything... maybe that's why many people do not try!

I think most things cannot solely be contributed to one person... i.e. there were blood transfusions before Charles Drew and I'm sure there have been advances in that field since his passing. He was a major contributor hands down.

Perhaps a better way to go about it is that I doubt the waltz was invented by a single couple. It grew and morphed and grew some more from dances that were danced for generations I'm sure. Logic would tell us that at one time there would have to be the first couple to dance the dance as it is recognized today...(chicken and egg anyone?) however they could not have gotten there if it weren't for those generations before them. I believe that most things of a cultural nature develope this way.
Ah, here I was feeling nostalgiac and sad, and you poured on the logic. And somehow, it doesn't feel any better now.

That was supposed to be funny. Fuh-get abowd it.
I feel FINE

Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional

--from "The Italian Job"

I was feeling this way when the forums went down a few minutes ago.


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Swing Kitten said:
:( sorry.... stupid logic!
Yes, please do. My students tend to and you're going to confuse me while I'm sitting here grading their papers if you keep throwing that stuff around! :wink:
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