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Random thought. I'm so glad I don't do lawn maintenance for a living. My lawn guys are outside my house right now, at 8:15 on a Friday night, mowing my lawn.

I bet their boss, who started the business, is at home having a cocktail.
cornutt said:
If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take?
It only took six private lessons that lasted only an hour each. And of course during that time he was teaching me new steps that I could do if I wanted. The cool thing is that he let me choreograph some of it, so I'm excited! However, now the part is mastering the routine, and I have only one week to do so. I just hope I do it right when I'm finally on stage!!! ;)

I edited this to say that I double checked, and I noticed it took eight lessons, not six. Sorry! ;)


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Yay! Just booked my flight for a trip to Atlanta for my niece's graduation. That means I'll be with my Mom and two (or maybe three) of my sisters on Mother's Day. :banana:

btw. I'll probably be creating a replacement Happy and or Random Thoughts thread when I get home this evening. I want to wait until one of the Dancers Anonymous mods is around to lock the old thread, or else I'd do it now.

A lot of people have been concerned that these super-duper long threads take a long time to load. So we're going to create continuation threads with the same names.

This weekend sometime, for sure. :cool:

For now, I'm out. Off to the mall and maybe the movies. The weather's just too nice to stay home.

See y'all this evening. :D :car:


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pygmalion said:
I love the farmer's market. Yesterday, I got a watermelon, a cantaloupe, a honeydew and a pineapple. All for six dollars. Yummy fruit salad for breakfast. :D
Reminds me that I should attend mine. haven't done so this year.

Does anyone do CSA?


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ooo...and I love gardening...spent all day today raking the leaves and getting my flower garden ready to go...very therapuetic...had a rough comp this weekend...really missing mom...not an excuse though...ooo also love used book stores...bought a boatload of books...looking forward to that as well...pro and I both bought the same book ...brothers karamozov...without even knowing it...hows that for weirdest of the weird?
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