Happy Day for WCS in NYC

See, three days of complaining and we already have a new place to dance:

Wednesday Nights at The Saloon. It's on York Ave. between 83rd and 84th...close to the 4/5/6 trains, the floor is nicer (no slope) and bigger. There will be a beginner WCS class at 8p...a new feature and the dance starts at 9p. Prices are still the same, $10 ($1 off for skirt wearers on the first Wed. of the month...which is our first party!!) Next dance will be May 4th.
Eventhough I have an engagement that night, I'm going to try to wrap it up very quickly and make it for the dancing! Don't expect me to be wearing a skirt tho. :tongue:
Pygmalion, Our old venue was sold and S4L and I have been bemoaning the loss, but in three days the promoter found a new locations...this time with a better floor.

S4L....come on...wear a skirt to skirt night, ask Festa is Kilts count, I'm sure they do!


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Oh yeah. I saw the sad day thread. I was just wondering who found the new place and how they managed to do it so quickly. Cool.

Why $1 off for skirt wearers? Free ogles? :roll: :lol:
Not planned. The old location is locked up with big ugly chains on the door.

John Festa was hosting the original party. There is a possibility he was already looking for a new place beore the closing announcement came as the oringinal place was very VERY tiny. He's been great about keeping us all informed about what was going on with the closure and search for a new location.

I'm particularly happy as the new place is meer blocks from my apartment, I have no excuse not to go now!

Skirt night is just a way to get people to dress a little nicer once in a while...we're all fans of the jeans and tee shirt look. So the first Wednesday of the month is skirt night..and none of us wear skirts.
leftfeetnyc said:
S4L....come on...wear a skirt to skirt night, ask Festa is Kilts count, I'm sure they do!
Leftfeetnyc, you know I'll be coming from another engagement before the party. Do you really think I'll be able to get away with wearing a skirt from that place??? :tongue:

Plus I think you look better in a skirt than I do any day. :wink:
Leg lines. Pants are the greatest way to hide them...and unless you're Blake Hobby or Jessica Cox....most WCS followers don't have good leg lines.

I prefer skirts for competition and will also wear them on skirt night...but I've seen my leg lines...scary!!

Also, it's been a hellishly cold winter here in NYC...the more layers and coverings the better!

Oh, and the shoes don't look good with skirts either....most westies have coaching shoes not heels.
Yeah, I mostly have a problem with the shoes'n'socks with skirts look. Kinda like guys who wear shorts with dance shoes and socks up to their knees...white ones! :shock:

Also, WCS can be very funky, depending on the music. And for some reason, I have a hard time "getting down" in skirts and heels.

Oh yeah, and in the almost two years that I haven't danced ballroom, my feet happily forgot how to function in heels. :cry:

So all of that kind of contribute to my resistance to the skirt night. :lol: I don't know why everyone else doesn't wear them, but I suspect some of the same reasons might be involved.
pix said:
Does this dance have lots of beginners/advanced? Are they welcome to new faces, have any lindy-ers?
I'vr nerver been to this particular dance, but I'm going to guess that if there are lindy dancers, they're cross over and do both dances, but it's doubtful that any lindy music will be played. The music for WCS, Hustle, and Salsa can be very similar at times, so it works to have these three dances on one night.

If you're looking for a lindy dance, check out Frim Fram. It's on Thursday nights at Club 412 (You Should be Dancing studio) and most of the lindy hoppers in the city go out to it.

Many of the dances around the city are a mix of beginner and advanced dancers and I have never been to one that was not welcoming of new faces. My first dance I went to alone and knew on one, but I danced all night.
pix said:
nyclidance said:
Here's another WCS event in NY you might be interested in.

NY Hot Mix Dance Party
Every Thursday Night
West Coast Swing, Hustle, Salsa
Admission $7.00
Does this dance have lots of beginners/advanced? Are they welcome to new faces, have any lindy-ers?
They definitely welcome new faces, it's a very friendly crowd with dancers of all levels from beginner to pros. No lindy-ers but lots of WCS.
Also, for those interested, tonight is WCS night at Stepping out (on 25th Street b. 6th & 7th Aves.) There will be performances by Hazel & Tybaldt, Tami Harris & Steve Nereen, and more.

Free for Stepping Out Students, $10 GSC members, $12 General Public.

Hope to see some of you there!

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