Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban opens today. The advance reviews say that the third time is a charm - this movie is the best one yet. I've also read that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is currently in production.

Are there any other Harry Potter fans out there? Do you have any predictions regarding what might happen to Harry, Hermione, Ron and everyone else in the last 2 books?

I love the Harry Potter books! I've read all of them, including reading the first three out loud to my daughter.

I hope that they don't keep getting longer, those books are already daunting enough for young readers! On the other hand, the have piqued the interest of many a young reader (and lots of older readers) and gotten them to start reading, and that is a great thing!

I've no predictions, though, 8^)



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The movie got a five star review in my local paper, which isn't easy to come by, with that particular reviewer. :roll: :lol: I'm going to go see it this evening.

My predictions are pretty obvious ones. Ron and Hermione will end up romantically involved. Harry will have a life or death struggle with He Who Must Not Be Named, and be tempted to go over to the dark side, before vanquishing Voldemort forever. Sirius Black will be vindicated. Snape was a good guy all along. Hagrid will succeed Dumbledore as head of Hogwarts. Nuts, aren't I? Mr. Weasley will be seriously injured, discredited or killed protecting Harry. Percy will be recruited as a fire eater, but will be redeemed to the side of good in the end. The Weasley twins will be comic relief throughout.

I hope books six and seven are a little shorter. Five was advertised to be, but turned out to be the longest one yet. :?


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Ok, I'm going on a limb here with my predictions for Harry and friends:

1. Lord Voldemort turns out to be a long lost relative of Harry's

2. Lord Voldemort have a duel to the finish; Voldemort is vanquished; Harry is severely injured but survives; both of their wands are destroyed; Fawkes, is involved in the battle and dies, but rises from the ashes; Neville is also pivotal in this final battle; he is also injured but survives

3. Ron becomes Head Boy and Captain of the Quidditch Team; he finally realizes he has feeling for Hermoine

4. Luna becomes Harry's love interest

5. Charlie comes back from Romania with Norbert, the dragon, for the final battle

6. Bill marries Fleur

7. Draco is taken out by Aragog, the spider; his father Lucius goes to prison

8. Hagrid are Grawp are injured in the final battle; Remus is killed in the final battle

9. Snape becomes the Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher; Snape saves Harry's life at some point

10. Harry discovers the ability to become an anamigi

And predictions for beyond the 7 books:

1. Neville becomes an Auror and eventually becomes Minister of Magic

2. Hermoine becomes Headmistress of Hogwarts and marries Ron

3. Harry becomes Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher at Hogwarts, marries Luna, and they have 12 children

Ok, I know, I know. But it's Friday, and my mind is wandering. Time to get back to work. :D
i can't WAIT to see Harry Potter! just to see draco malfoy :twisted: I LOVE EVIL! haha... i'm gonna hopefully see it this weekend :p
Well, I'm looking forward to it--but I'm supposed to go with an online friend in another country, so I have to wait until it comes out there. 8)


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To be frank...I tried reading the 1st book and I just couldn't get into it. Went to the 1st movie anyway and was disappointed, didn't seem to live up to the hype. Didn't bother to see the 2nd movie...was it better then the first? Fearful of seeing the 3rd without seeing the 2nd, and because there seems to be alot of hype around this one like the 1st.


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I preferred the second movie to the first, and I strongly prefer the books to the movies ... so far, that is. I'll have to check in with my updated opinion after I see movie #3. 8)


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dr daffy said:
i can't WAIT to see Harry Potter! just to see draco malfoy :twisted: I LOVE EVIL! haha... i'm gonna hopefully see it this weekend :p
The movie's definately worth seeing!!! As for Draco, Hermoine gives him exactly what he deserves. 8)
Purr said:
Ok, I'm going on a limb here with my predictions for Harry and friends:

1. Lord Voldemort turns out to be a long lost relative of Harry's

like darth vader? :lol: i'm thinking ron's life will be seriously threatened in the final book, since the sidekick always dies or almost-dies.seems like dumbleydoo has a badboy side to him that's emerging ...

i saw azkaban over the weekend! and it was really good. no spoilers ahead so don't worry :wink: i really didn't like the first two HP movies, felt they diluted the spirit of the books, not because they missed details, but they lacked the intensity of magic, childhood and darkness that makes harry potter such a kickass read. Azkaban hits the nail right on the head - it was less faithful to the book's narrative, but got the atmosphere right. everything is so much more beautiful because it's realistic, unabashedly grim at points, and intense, which makes for an awesome translation of the book. the first two movies made quidditch look fun, but not breathtaking, which i always hoped it would be. this quidditch match (and all the flying) was WOW. plus every shot is gorgeously framed, the pace is relentless, and the demontors made one of my 6'2" friends jump so hard the popcorn flew out of the tub.

didn't expect to like this one, but i love it! i love it! gripe: the actress playing hermione looks a bit too pretty though. i thought hermione was supposed to be bookish and a bit mousey, with awful hair. this one has contantly good hair days :evil: but go see it! go see it!
yup it's the same neville i think. all the kids have grown really tall though and have lost considerable amounts of baby fat, so i could be mistaken on that one.

maybe neville will have a face-off with snape one day. :headwall: :snake:

random observation: i swear harry potter's eyebrows are tweezed. they looked luxuriant in the first movie and have since... dwindled....


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Thank goodness. His natural brows were ... uh ... huge! :shock: :lol: Not unibrow material, but close.

Yes, I think it's the same Neville, but wow! He's thin.

I watched the making of Azkaban show (on HBO, I think) Definitely worth the half hour spent. The child actor who plays Hermione was very excited because the child actors are allowed to wear normal stylish kids' clothes more often. Lots of interesting interviews, but I won't spoil it for you. Check it out! 8) :D


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Hmm. Haven't done unix in years ... Sad, because I really liked in much better than the windows that seem to have taken over the world ... :(

Oh yeah, and did anybody notice that it's not Draco, Crabbe and Goyle as much in this flick? Either Crabbe or Goyle (I always get them mixed up :oops: ) isn't around nearly as much. Wonder why? :?
Purr said:
cl5814 said:
Chris Stratton said:
Wonder how many of our unix friends/ DFers caught this ?
What does this mean?
s = substitute
Luna - for every occurence of Luna
Cho = with the word Cho
g = globally (as in everywhere you find the word, make the substitution vs. just make the substitution once )

example :
Luna is feeling sick
Cho is feeling sick
pygmalion said:
Hmm. Haven't done unix in years ... Sad, because I really liked in much better than the windows that seem to have taken over the world ... :(

My guilty little pleasure of the moment is Cygwin - something went wrong trying to get linux fully installed on the new machine, but this gives me most of the trivial benefits of a unix platform and tools with all the short-term convenience and media capability of windows - and if/when I get frustrated with windows or solve the library problems with X under linux, I can simply move all my work over, since the tools I'm using are even more at home there. If only the file system cross drivers were solid enough to not be read only, it would probably be possible to set up an environment where I could boot either operating system and pick up exactly where I left off in the other.

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