Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2 - coming in 2004

Premise: Set in 1958 Havana, this is the story of a lonely 17-year-old American girl, Katie (Garai), who moves to Cuba in the days right before the Revolution with her parents, where she soon meets a charming and talented local dancer, Javier (Luna), who encourages her to discover her natural dancing abilities. Undoubtedly, it all leads to an exciting climax as Castro's forces take control and the Americans are forced to leave... will the girl choose to stay with her true love or go back to America with her mean, un-dirty-dancing parents? (Ward and Slattery play Katie's parents; Boorem plays Susie, Katie's little sister; Lavan plays Javier's revolutionary brother, Carlos; Jackson plays an American teenager who doesn't like Katie's new boyfriend)
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I just saw some postcards that look like they are the poster for the havana nights...it looks like it's going to be a pretty cool movie.

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