Hawaii Star Ball


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I just faxed in my entry forms...anyone else going? I know it's a long way to go for a comp, but I keep running into Californians who say they will be there.

I've even managed to convince my non-dancing hubby to come along. Of course, I had to bribe him with a long weekend on the North Shore after the comp, but that's cool by me. :)

Aloha Laura,
glad you can make it to Hawaii. I know september is right around the corner but we just had a strike called for the hotel workers in Waikiki. Hope this doesnt ruin people's plans. Like everything else cost of living has gone up but not wages, the gas situation is putting a damper on everyone.


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Impact: "On Wednesday, 2,500 union workers voted to okay a possible strike. Hilton hotels says a convention planned for December has cancelled because of the threat. If the Union does strike, both the Hilton and Sheraton groups say they would hire replacement workers. Sheraton says there would be some cut in service."
Background: Hilton proposed 3.25 percent wage increases for every year of a four-year contract and continued full funding of health and pension benefits. (Hilton) says Local 5 hasn't responded to these proposals at the bargaining table. The union has, however, held several sidewalk protest demonstrations outside the Hilton Hawaiian Village and Hyatt Regency Waikiki, opposing any reduction of pension contributions. Hilton says the pension funds does not currently require contributions to continue at current levels.


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I have always wanted to do this comp, but such a long way for us. I cant wait to hear your impressions when you get back....

Dancing AM/AM myself I am clueless as to this works for Pro/AM... Do you decide together what comps you will attend, and you pay all travel, or what??
99% chance I'll be going. I've never been to Hawaii, and I've booked some extra days around the competition so we get a chance to enjoy ourselves a bit. I keep using all my vacation pay for competitions, so it's about time we went somewhere that was different and has the feel of a vacation :)


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I'll answer this quickly because I don't want to turn this into yet another damn Pro/Am thread....
Do you decide together what comps you will attend
Different teachers have different ways of doing things. My first Pro/Am experience was in a franchised chain studio, and the studio basically told everyone what comps they would attend. My second experience was with an independent teacher who had a much less structured approach, and basically we'd do all the local comps for sure, but if we wanted to do something out of town it was kind of a catch-as-catch-can situation (which would drive me crazy at times). This time around, I gave my teacher a list of competitions I wanted to do between now and the end of the year, and then he integrated that with the list of competitions he and his partner are doing, and we worked it out from there.

and you pay all travel, or what??
Different teachers and studios have different way of doing things. The way things customarily work in my experience is that the teacher's travel is split between all students who will be dancing with the teacher at the competition.


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Well I appreciate that you put your neck out and explained this to me.... It seems the few times I post I seem to ask an innocent question that turns out to be a hot button.... I got caught up once in the pro/am debate.... Not fun! Often it is less painful just to read.

Still, looking on the sidelines of the Pro/AM, for so long I have been wanting to understand how the pro and the AM decide on comps.. We train our internationl style at a FA studio, and we are the only AM/AM couple at this studio, so I have hesitiated to ask any of the other students just how it works. So thanks!

Again cant wait to hear about your upcoming comp... It would be cool if we could find a comp in CA or at least a mid point distance, then move on to Hawaii....Maybe next year for us.



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Jan, I would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have, you can either PM me or start a new thread so that other knowledgeable people can jump in.

As far as comps in California go, there's one every spring that I've danced in many times as both an Amateur couple and as a Pro/Am: San Francisco Open. If you want to head out this way, it's DEFINITELY worth checking out. It's well-run, has good-sized amateur fields (quarter-finals in Novice, and semis- or quarters- in the amateur closed syllabus Standard event), and uses that PDA system that everyone loves.

Regarding Hawaii, I'm mainly going for sentimental reasons. It's around the time of my husband's and my 11th wedding anniversary, and since we didn't do a thing for our 10th (I was half dead from something I had contracted in Sri Lanka), we suggested that we go. The Hawaii Star Ball is not a very big comp, the amateur open novice Standard had 5 couples and the closed syllabus Standard event for amateurs had 2. The pro/am fields are bigger, but last year the event I will be dancing in was only a straight final.

Still, it's Hawaii, and I felt like checking it out, so off I go! :)


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Hawaii?! What a great place to go for a comp! Too bad it's completely impossible to go this year. But what a great idea for a comp/vacation combined in the future. I absolutely love Hawaii. It's definitely a very long haul from the east coast though.


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Yes, this one is on my short list, along with the annual comp in Cancun... The way I look at it, if all our vacation time and $$'s is going to be used for comps., then I am going to take advantage of the travel cost and vacation afterwards...

After the nationals we went to Santa Cruz, drove the coast to a B&B in Napa and ended in SF.... Was a cool comp/vacation week and a 1/2. The key is however to do the comp first so you fit into the gowns and then pig out afterwards!


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Yes, this one is on my short list, along with the annual comp in Cancun... The way I look at it, if all our vacation time and $$'s is going to be used for comps., then I am going to take advantage of the travel cost and vacation afterwards...
Hahhaha, yeah, that's for sure. I'm flying in to Honolulu the day before my events -- the vacation part gets tacked on at the end.

The thing is with some of these "destination" comps is that, because of the time and expense to get there, they don't necessarily draw very large fields. You might go all the way down there to find you being the only couple in your division. Then you really have to make sure that you're going for the vacation treat, and not necessarily for the comp, or else you'll be disappointed.

But it's hard to be disappointed with Hawaii. Even if I'm the only person in my events, I'm still goin'! :)


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I did Hawaii Star Ball the last two years....and turned it into a vacation also. Had a great time. It's a smaller comp, but definitely was growing year over year....

Only downside I remember is, the day tickets were $35...at that price I could not attend as many of the sessions to watch friends compete as I would have liked.


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I've got an extra Friday night ticket for the Hawaii Star Ball. Not for the banquet, just for the dancing and the show. If anyone is interested, please let me know via Private Message.


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I'm here! It's sooo pretty. The hotel is right on the beach and I got upgraded to a room with a full-on ocean view. When I checked in they gave man an orchid lei, too. Very nice.

I'm going to watch the Rising Star Standard and the Rising Star Rhythm this afternoon, and possibly Open Pro Rhythm and Open Pro Latin tonight. I'll do my best to give full reports on what I see. Keep in mind that Honolulu is 3 hours behind California, and 6 hours behind New York, so it might be quite late before you see any more reports from me.

Aloha all! :)

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