Heel caps and social dances

Hi all! I am relatively new to the salsa scene and just bought my first pair of real shoes. They came with heel protectors, but I'm not sure if they are used as much in salsa as they are in ballroom dancing. Ladies, do you use them and if so when? Would you wear them to a social dance or are they more for practice?


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There are three functions I can think of for heel protectors: to slow the wear on your heel tips, to prevent slipping if the the heel tips are made of hard slippery plastic, and to protect the floor from scratches in case the heel tip has worn down to expose the nail. In ballroom, I wear my heel protectors all the time (or at least suede glued onto the heel tips), but that's mainly because I mostly dance standard, so I'm dragging my heels all the time, so the tips wear down really fast otherwise. For salsa, I guess I'd just pay attention to how fast your heel tips wear, whether you slip, and whether you dance anywhere that they have rules about protecting their floors. If there aren't rules, and you can dance fine without them, and your heel tips aren't wearing out before the rest of the shoe is dead, I'd say you don't need them. Otherwise, they could be useful.

ETA: They fit tightly enough that they're a pain to get off and on -- if you're using them at all, I'd use them all the time.
Thanks, Bia! That's helpful. Yeah they are a pain, so that was another reason I wanted to know if they're even necessary. I will see how things go the next few weeks.

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