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Hey whats going on, my names cody, im a dubstep dancer. I have my own style however, called flowstep. Im very different from artists like nonstop, iglide, ect. Iv'e been dancing for three years now. (Almost...feb 7)

I work dancing, yeah sounds funny when I say it, but no, not on a pole. But Human Directional work, I just put the sign down, pointing in the direction of the store, and dance, throwing in moves that point to the store, as well as moves holding the sign.

Iv'e been posting videos my entire practice of my dance. Probably spanned over at least 200 videos xD the first 80 kinda make me laugh. I never had any teachers except my imagination, and people say I'm good. I can't say, I feel my opinion doesn't count. But thats a diff story.

..........did I tell you I have adhd? Oh no? Ok....well hi!!!!!!

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