Help! I'm getting ready for my first comp! What now?

Vince A

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pygmalion said:
Thanks, Vince. :D

The comp starts with American Smooth at 9:00 AM on Sunday, November 2. I believe American style goes first, so I should be done by early afternoon (although I'll check on that to be sure.) Lots of fun!
Hey . . perfect time! We'll be competing at the exact same time, and only 3k miles apart!

My Intermediate Jack and Jills start on Sunday at 9 . . .


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lol! I wasn't going to mention the time zone thing! :lol:

But the principle still applies. I'll be doing my American Rhythm stuff (all fourteen heats of it! :shock: :lol: ) while Vince is doing his Jack and Jills. :D

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