Help Me With My Daughter And Ballet!


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So I am a single father and new to all of this dance stuff. I have a child (3 yrs old) who is addicted to dance, especially ballet. She is amazing and i think she will be a true natural. Its crazy to sit and watch her dance around to anything with some many styles as a 3 yr old.. She will sit an watch youtube, tv, anything for hours if it has dancing. ha! anyways, I am seeking any kind of advice you can give me as a father of a 3yr old who wants to dance. where to start, what should I expect to spend, how much time and focus, ETC, Anything will help !


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hi joe...this is mostly a partner dance site ...but hopefully some of our folks with ballet background will chime in with some thoughts


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^Yes. Her body isn't ready, not to mention her mind, for serious dance classes yet. But encourage her to keep dancing :)


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As a kid that grew up dancing (though it was Chinese Traditional dance, not anything Western) I would say that I think most kids weren't ready physically/mentally until they were about 5 or so. Before then, it's just not very productive for them to be in classes. That being said, once she gets older she's likely to improve at a very fast rate. Studios may vary in price - I think my lessons growing up were about $200-300 every three months or so. But I will say I thought it was totally worth every penny. :)

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