Help, my poor feet!

I just got new shoes and I practiced for the normal two hours and around half way through my feet started KILLING me to the point when I was finished I could barely walk. This hasn't happened before, is it that the shoes aren't broken? Is there anything I should be doing to the shoes or my feet? Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


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This is common with new shoes. Dance shoes have to be "broken in" before they become comfortable. I usually wear them for only a few minutes at a time when I first get a new pair, gradually increasing the amount of usage per session.

There could be other reasons. Some shoes have softer construction than others. Because of the pressure you're putting into the floor, these will cause your feet to hurt much more quickly than those with more solid construction. Split sole shoes will also hurt much more easily until you get used to them.

You don't mention where or what kind of pain is involved, but my guess is that it's related to one of those issues.


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I am assuming that the shoes fit properly when you bought them. As Adwiz said shoes need to be broken in. I've experienced this more for dance shoes then shoes that I have bought fro other puposes, such as running and formal wear. Then for latin shoes you have the issue of pressure on the front part of the foot due to the inch + heel height... Pygmalion said that halter insoles helped her with her high heel dance shoes fro that.
Sorry, I wasn't very specific. All of the pain is in the balls of my feet and the shoes are 3 1/2 inch heels.

Sagitta, you said Pygmalion bought insoles for her heels, does anyone know where I could get some of these?


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You can get them at a dance shoe store for about $6- $8 or at the shoe repair shop for about $3 - $4.

Try soaking your feet, then massaging them pretty deeply. Then sleep with your feet elevated tonight. Always works for me, or at least it used to, back when I used to wear 4 inch heels. These days, anything over about 2.5 inches is out. I just don't care anymore. Comfort over beauty any day of the week. Sad, isn't it? :wink: :lol:

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