Help needed for salsa related MSc dissertation, please!

Hi All Salsa Dancers :)

I would like to ask your help, please! I am writing a dissertation on salsa and I would like to post regular questions in here and would appreciate if as many of you could answer them as possible, preferably on a regular basis.

About me: I am studying MSc in Tourism and Events Management at the University of Bedfordshire and I have been dancing salsa on and off for over six years.

If at any time you have any question about my work, please do not hesitate to ask. Obviously, no questions are compulsory, so you have the right to refuse the answer. I would appreciate as detailed answers as possible, please. Age and nationality if you do not mind disclosing it, would be also appreciated. Please also state whether I can use your user name when referring to quotes in my dissertation.

To start with some easy questions:
- How long have you been dancing salsa and why did you start it?
- Were you influenced by any film when you decided to start dancing? If so which one and why?
- Do you consider salsa to be a sport activity, exercise or art? Please explain your choice if you can.
- What level do you consider yourself to be? Are you a social dancer or professional/teacher?
- How often do you go out dancing?
- Do you go on your own or with friends and why?
- What style of salsa do you dance? If more than one, please let me know which is your main style and why? Also, have you been dancing any other dance before/or since starting salsa?

That should be enough for now. If you prefer to give answers in an email, please PM me.

Many thanks,


Thanks for the messages in my inbox. Further questions to come shortly, but in the meantime, more responses are welcome.

Have a lovely weekend dancing :)

Szandra x
Hi All,

Thanks for the answers, really appreciate them.:D Hope lot of you are going out dancing over the weekend. I could not go yesterday at the end so I feel very salsa deprived at the mo...:confused:

Here are the next batch of questions. Would really appreciate if people who answered the previous batch could answer these as well. New participants are always welcome!

- If you would have to choose just one country or city what would you pick as the 'birthplace' of salsa (dance, not music if you have separate ideas on both)? Why?

- Have you been to this place or are you planning to? Why, how long for and how often?

- Did you go anywhere on a dance related holiday before? If not, would you like to go? Where to?

Please give as detailed answers as possible.

Many thanks,
Hi All,

Thank you for the answers again. The next batch of questions are below:

- Think back of your answer about the 'birthplace' of salsa. What do you consider to be the culture/customs/mentality of this place? What makes salsa fit into this cultue/place?

- Does salsa reflect the identity of the above culture/nation? If so, how?

- Do you think if you would understand the above culture more, your dancing would improve too? If so, how would you go about finding out more about this culture and how much effort would you be willing to put into the "research"?

- Do you think that salsa promotes the above culture/country and if so how?

This is it for now. Only another set of questions left, so please bear with me. Thanks people.

Good night.



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Hi All,

My last set of questions:

- Do you think you would be more likely to engage with the local people when visiting a location to dance than when you have a relaxing holiday at a beach location? If so, what way would you interact with them and what makes the difference in attitude between these two types of holidays?

- Are you actively seeking out salsa opportunities when you travel for a family/business holiday?

- Would you travel anywhere else than your chosen country (as the birthplace of salsa) to dance salsa? If so where and why?

- Are you aware that there are a rising number of companies offering salsa package holidays especially over the internet? Would you go to one of these package holidays?

- Any questions from your side?

Thank you very much for all your help along the way, really do appreciate it!

Talk soon.



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Hi All,

Hope you are well and still dancing. Sorry for diappearing, it took me some time to gather my courage to come back as some of you wanted to read my final work. If you are still interested, please pm me with your email address.

Thanks again for all your help.

Szandra xx

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