HELP with solo song!!

Hello! I am choreographing a solo and the dancer has this whole concept she wants to go for but we are having trouble finding a song.
The basis is that home is not a place it's a feeling which is a quote many of you are probably farmiliar with. So the idea is that dance has been her home, and that feeling when you dance is home. The solo is lyrical/contemporary but so far we've only been able to find love songs and that's not what we are looking for. Any suggestions are very appreciated! Thank you!!
Aleigha, I googled "songs about home" and came up with a large number of websites dealing with this topic. Maybe you can find something there. I thought about "What I did for Love" which I feel can be interpreted as about the love for dance, but it may be too much of a love song for your purpose. Good Luck.

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