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It is much easier to bring some musicality to the dance when one is already familiar with the music. As a beginning leader, I already have a decent collection of tango music. But I feel the need to get more familiar with vals and milonga music. I am looking for lists of 10-20 tunes, one for milonga and one for vals music, to kickstart the process.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!



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I asked a DJ friend to give me a list of few songs with most typical structure for vals and milonga. When listening and moving to them I expected that my body got used to react on the musical structures there.
IMO as a dancer you should move - walk, rock your feet while sitting or something else but move - when listening!
One of the good places to start would probably be tejastango - it is a great resource for what is generally considered solid, danceable music (either or their list of tandas - you will probably already have most of these milongas and valses in you collection of tango albums from the orchestras and periods you like in tango.
Thanks for the links to tejastango. I find their lists too long at this stage. I am looking for a more compact selection: about 10 milongas and 10 vals that I will then download on my iphone.

I already have two milongas: Milonga Brava and Milonga de Mis Amores, both from Canaro.

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