Hi guys and girls,
Next weekend I'm going to a country party (Bar None in Edmonton) and could use some help learning how to properly two step. What I've learned so far (4/4 time):
Beats 1-2: left foot forward
3-4: right foot forward
5: left foot forward
6: right foot forward
7-8: left foot forward
9-10: right foot forward

I've also heard other versions (SSQQ, repeat instead of the SSQQSS repeat as above). Can anyone point to a good source for a brush up before next weekend? Thanks so much.
There is no government bureau for standardization of dance terms and steps.

So, its commom that everyone may not agree on what is the basic step.
I would say the most commom step is SSQQSS.
When in doubt tell your partner that you are new and ask which step they use. Dancers have been there, they understand and they want to help,


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I am sure others with lots more knowledge will kick in, but I learned the basic as QQSS which is basically the equivalent of SSQQ. The interesting thing I notice with the SSQQSS is that as you repeat there are a lot of slows. For example, QQSS becomes QQSSQQSSQQSS. On the other hand, SSQQSS becomes SSQQSSSSQQSSSSQQSS. Around my area, I have not watched anyone doing a basic with that many slows.

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