Hello new to this my name is lee if anyone could help i would appreciate it , im currently doing an assighment this is my brief
"the rigours and complexities of dance training requires an intense understanding of the mind and body, discuss current approaches to dance training, explaining how you have addressed these approaches in your current dance development......

so i just wondered if anyone lknew about somatics ? and what is somatics?


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Hi Me_against_the_music. Welcome to the forums. :D

Check out the stretches for dancers thread. I think there's a reference somatics there.

Um, and what's with all the extra p's? Desperate, huh? :lol:


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I believe you decribed somatics in your assignment excerpt Me_against_the_music. I'm a dancing newbie, so take the following from that perspective:

Learning to dance makes a person really aware of their body. It dramatically increases the mind-body connection. Also, knowing a move, and knowing where to do it is not also must be able to execute the move then. That requires practice.

Understanding how it all works allows an instructor to train a person to get a dance faster. I know this dance instructor who explains how a move works, then when he sees people cannot do it well, starts giving telling us make sure your body is in this position as you move on this count...breaking it down in a way that is easy to follow. Makes it a bit mechanical, but allows the body to get the muscle memory it needs to be able to excute to music at a faster pace...Another trick used is making comparisons to something a pupil is familiar with, for instance introducing the lindy posture to a ballroom dancer as being like playing a game of pick-up basketball....

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