Hey All. I was wondering if anybody could help me out

Next week, my school is celebrating their homecoming. In honor of this event, we've chosen a theme that lasts all week. The theme we decided on was the music of Michael Jackson. Each class gets a different song each day, for 4 days. Luckily, our class got the best song out of the bunch; Beat It! So all day we're dressing up in 80's threads, and holding the ever popular dance competition. Now, here's my problem. Since I'm the still standing dance champion, everybody's expecting a great performance from me. What I'd really like to do, is perform the dance moves from Beat It. I'm not sure if I can learn it completely over the weekend, but I've already downloaded the video, and I've tried mimicking the moves and the steps. I was wondering if anybody out there knew the whole order of how the dance steps are performed. If anybody has a site, or can explain how the dance is done, I'd really appreciate it.



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Welcome to the forums, Moonwolf. :D

Yet another dance champion among us. :D

About MJ dancing, did you download the music video, or the video tutorial? You may already have this info, so please forgive me if this is redundent. Check out the Learn to Dance Like Michael Jackson thread. It has a tutorial of the beat it moves that has adjustable speed. Hope that helps. :D
Thanks for that awesome link, pygmalion. It really helped me take the dance in step by step. As for the contest, now you're looking at St. Mary's 2 time dance tournament champion :D During the week of the contest, I got the school dance teacher, who is a really gererous person for doing this, helped me learn those last few steps I'd been messing up (like the spins and the kicks). Because conveniently enough, the dance ensemble was practicing on some of the old Michael Jackson routines. Everybody applauded my performance, and a lot of people came up to congradulate me on my accomplishment. lol, now whenever I go into the auditorium during a dance class, everyone stands up and gives me a standing ovation :) Okay, one more ramble before I get out of here. The whole performance got me a reputation of being an awesome dancer around the school. Which in turn, got me a lot of attention from the ladies on the dance floor at homecoming 8) I'm really happy to be a part of this forum, and I'm glad to see that there are a lot of helpful posters out there.



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Wow, Moonwolf! :D

The credit for that link actually goes to whoever originally posted it (DanceMentor?). But either way, I'm so happy you're now getting credit for being the awesome dancer you are! I'm sending you a standing ovation in spirit! :D Congratulations. :bouncy: :notworth: 8) :D

I'm glad you're part of this forum, too. Yay! :D
Thanx alot for the welcomes and the links, I'll be studying those. I wish he had one for Billy Jean, that is probably my all time favorite routine

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