Hey C/W Dancers I need your help

I am a college journalism student writing a story on Country and Western dancing and I need your help. What advice do you have for beginning country dancers? What's the etiquette protocol when country dancing? Any funny experiences? I would appreciate any good information that you have about country dancing (swing, line, whatever) that I could use in a story for the school paper. Thanks, Dancequeen!
Hi Dancequeen,
First, what a great forum. Next, I'm not sure I have an answer to your questions. We started in ballroom and latin dancing, and then moved to an area where country dancing rules. We took several lessons from "country western" instructors, but they didn't have the structure we were accustomed to. Very little on technique and dance character. We did learn the country 2-step and a variation of the nightclub 2-step. Perhaps it's regional, but most of this was too routine oriented and not true social (lead and follow) dancing. We eventually discovered an excellent instructor whose background was ballroom but who also taught country. For us, it was a great fit, and now we thoroughly enjoy country dancing, the people and the entire scene. In fact, we'd hate to be without it as an option. All that is to say, my advice is to find an instructor with some dance structure and discipline in their background. Maybe they don't have to have ballroom in their background but it certainly helped for us.

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