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In the last three weeks, I've had three separate zitty flare-ups all come to a head (ahem) in the days leading up to my usual night out dancing. I'm too old for this! (NB not really.) I do wonder if the timing has something to do with the dancing, since the day after I'm usually beyond exhausted.

Anyway, just venting at the malicious acne gods who like to have a laugh at me.
Some things to consider include diet, drinking enough water, and washing your face. Sometimes is can be hormones and age too, but I hope you find what works best. :)


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... and on cue, I've got another breakout.

cornutt, I'm well past my teenage years, I've accepted that this is going to be my pimply lot forever.

mindputtee, I've tried not washing my face (or washing less), and I get a lot more little pimples as a result -- whereas my current regimen (wash twice, treat problem areas with ProActiv) tends to keep my skin clear except for one or two larger (read: more noticeable) zits.


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Leee, I hear you. It sucks. I struggle with breakouts on my back, which is not only embarrasing, but can be really uncomfortable.

I've tried a wide variety of things. The current regimen that works for me:
- Change out of sweaty clothes immediately, and shower as soon as possible after working out (and use wipes when a shower isn't possible right away or within short order. Baby wipes are good.)
- Wash daily with carbolic soap, available at most natural health food stores - and may do this twice a day in the summer.
- Once or twice a week, exfoliate, wash with a medicated wash and treat overnight with a benzol peroxide cream. I can't do this every day as my skin is sensitive. (Note that the cream bleaches clothing, but other medicated products didn't do anything for me.)
- Be really careful when selecting a sunscreen and a moisturizer. Most brands make my back freak out, but through trial and error, I've found a couple that work. Natural products were my saviours here.
- Occasionally (usually about 2-3 weeks pre-comp) head to the spa for a back treatment to get everything nice and clean... note that I need to do this in advance as it generally makes me break out before everything clears up.
- Treat flare ups with heat or ice, depending on the type of spot and my level of discomfort.

Sadly, the minute I ease up on this - and sometimes even when I don't (damn hormones) - it's breakout time.

You may notice though, that aside from a weekly preventative treatment, I stick with natural products... though I admit that when I first made the switch, it took about a month of consistent, dedicated usage before things improved.

Have you tried tracking any changes in your diet, daily life (activitites, mood, etc.) or your skin maintenance routine, and noticing when the flare-ups come?

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