Highest Post Day Since June 16, 2014

Yesterday we had 143 Posts which is the highest since June 2014. Are we coming out of a "post" recession? :)
I've had a little more time and trying to post more. Anyways, thanks for everyone's participation!


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Well it is a new year... and coming out of a financial recession many of us are dancing more than ever. I think we've seen a lot more newbies too... plus the how to get men to dance thread...


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I hope you are right. The studios are staying busy and my area
My dance partner's studio has seen an increase in attendance of at least 50% after the new year... to the point where we only practice at my gym now due to the lack of floor space. Usually you see a drop off after about the 2 week mark, but you keep seeing their group classes inflate.


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I may have been freaking out about a few things and abused DF a bit over the last couple of days....

(Thanks, DF, for the always valuable advice, support and encouragement!)

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