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Psst Pygmalion! How about a thread on "Where are the hips?"

I am sure the guys would love helping us ladies to find our hips. :wink:


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Sabor said:
Si Hips! ay CARAMBA! they can drive a salsero LOCO :bouncy: no mercy please! :D
Sabor, is that supposed to be:

"No mercy, please" (ie. don't show any mercy :wink: )
"No! Mercy! Please!" (ie. please show some mercy :lol: ) OR
"No Mercy! Please!" (ie. you asking someone by the name of Mercy to do or not to do something :lol: )
Moving your hips while salsa dancing looks really good...but only if you know how to do it the correct way, remember that the basic step in salsa dancing is just like walking, and when you walk your hips sway naturally, basically what I'm trying to say is that ladies dont overdo it with your hips because it can make you look bad just let them sway as you do the basic step:D


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Yes! So true. A lot of people who don't understand where the motion is coming from, deliberately try to sway their hips, and generate the motion from the hip. Boy, can that look bad!


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I keep forgetting, the hip goes to the foot opposite the weight bearing step? I know most people do it to the wrong leg.
the hips go everywhere!.. they cant be stopped .. isolate.. shake.. shake.. pumpin .. side .. side.. hold it .. rooooound.. reverse motion .. pump .. pump.. shake .. just warming up 8) .. u know..
now lets drrrrop it like its on FIIIIIRE!! :bouncy:

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