History of Tango - Danced by Mariana & Sebastian


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a History of Tango - danced by Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes in Bucharest

they dance to:
Invierno – Franciso Canaro – “Canyengue” an old style currently recreated primarily from written accounts & the memories of those who observed the dance as small children.

De Que Podemos Hablar – Carlos DiSarli – “Salon” style popular in the outer neighborhoods like Villa Urquiza in the 1950’s.

Ansiedad – Juan D’Arienzo – “Centro” style popular in the central neighborhoods of Buenos Aires & popularized outside of Argentina as “Milonguero” style.

Estampa De Varon - Juan D’Arienzo – Milonga.

Esta Noche de Luna – Osvaldo Pugliese – “Fantasia” a style for performance.

Fueye – Roberto Goyneche –“ Nuevo” a style evolving from the previous styles.

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