It's a holiday weekend so people may not be around so much today. The forums have been growing at a steady rate, and we are getting close to 1000 posts. And you have made 25 in one day! That's great. Since you responded to lots of posts, many people will soon see emails in their inbox letting them know there was a reply. Hopefully, you've really started something here...we'll soon see.

If you have any recommendations for bringing more people or making the Dance Forums better, feel free to make suggestions.

Unlike many forums out there, the Dance Forums are free of commercialism and moderated to keep the junk out, yet maintaining open discussion. If you hang around, I think you'll find some great information and discussion here. You may even be invited to be a moderator after you've been here a little longer.

Thanks again for your enormous participation. i believe 25 posts in one day is a record.
woo hoo! I never even realized the whole holiday weekend thing. I know everyone from my studio is at a comp in LA this weekend (durr) :lol: I'm going to tell everyone at my studio about this forum site. I like the convos here and I've actually gotten quite a bit of entertainment from some of them. :mrgreen:


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Hi MissAlyssa,

Was their a FADS comp in LA this weekend or, as I am guessing, were the people from your studio at the Desert Classic in Palm Desert?


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