Holland America does not have ballroom dancing

As I wrote here several years ago, I have abandoned HAL and let them know. They do not care. We did have the highest loyalty level so its giving up a bit. There are rumors that "management" believes that ballroom dancers do not drink as much as others. On the other hand, when there was dancing, the clubs were always packed with spectators who do drink. On our last (not latest) cruise with HAL, one of the staff who had watched us a lot just said, "This is the deadest cruise ever." Other cruise lines are similar; when there's no ballroom, there are few spectators; with ballroom, lots of spectators.


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At first, I thought there was a numbering issue. I was a dance host on the QE2.
Supposedly, this Queen Elizabeth would be the third though Cunard is beginning with the number one.
Right now, the fleet is Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria. And yes, she'd be the third ship but they dropped the numbers for whatever reason. They're building a fourth that's supposedly going to be a mega-liner even bigger than QM2 but no word yet on what her name will be. I'm cruising to Scandinavia and the Baltics next summer--I had a blast dancing on QM2. Since this is 14 nights and the last trip was 4 I MAY not go every time, though.

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