Holland America seems to be deleting Ballroom Dancing

As far the dancing is concerned, I recommend Costa, too.
A lot of people say that Cunard is the only option. I never tried it because they are a lot more expensive. (Higher base price + you spend much more on drinks.)
Costa has always 5 hrs of dancing on at least 2 good dance floors plus a few smaller venues. Always live music, a rich selection of dance styles, intermixed with some group dancing and alternative activities.
What is important is the ship selection. I started on Costa Serena, which is by chance probably the best Costa ship for dancing. Unfortunately it is not more accessible for Europeans as it sails for Asian market - same as a few other "dancing" Costa ships. In general larger ships should offer better dancing; also avoid "neo" ships.
I haven't been on a cruise, but aren't drinks included anyway? Or does that vary?
Most cruise lines make most of their profits off of selling artwork, the casinos and of course selling drink packages and individual bar drinks. Only the "inclusive lines like Crystal, Regent include all the bar drinks. Other lines tea, coffee and milk are included in the dining room but they sell, sell and sell at the bars and include usually 15-18% tip on top of each drink so people are shocked at their final bills.

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