Hot Pink Latin/Rhythm Dress


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I am selling my hot pink latin/rhythm dress. This was my very first competition dress. I loved it from the day I got it, but the time came to buy a new dress.

It is estimated to be a size 4, but is a bit stretchy and may fit a size smaller or larger. It is fully decorated with Korean rhinestones (but can easily be replaced/upgraded with swarovski stones). It has been worn only 3 times and is in very good condition. Matching wristbands are included.

This dress is perfect for newcomers, collegiate competitors, and showcases.

Attached are picture. Also, here is a video of the dress in action. As you can see, it has excellent movement:

I am asking $150 for the dress. Please PM me if you are interested.


May I recommend perhaps posting your height? That is the one thing I ask more than anything else... and since your username is "TinyDancer" I presume it has to do with more than how gorgeously skinny you are!!

(I say recommend rather than request because I am gigantic and would not fit into this dress, hee hee, but I wish you luck in selling it!)


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lolz thanks. I am 5'3" without heels but the skirt is pretty short as you can see... so I believe height won't make too much of a difference, but there you are just in case!
I love this dress..& what a GREAT price..ahh i'm so mad my mom isn't letting me buy more dresses unless i sell one of mine. But I'm 5'4 and very tiny too so it would fit me perfect..ughhh haha

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