House of Flying Milongas!


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opposites attract

...has nothing to do w/ AT.
Hi Angel, really nothing? Think, in a wider sense, there might be a connection: TA deals with the quality of movement, with the quality of connection, and also with all their antagonisms.

- you can walk heavy and delayed, and thus play with doublings and tempo;
- you walk connected, and then play with axis, weight, momentum;
- the quality of stance and pace is interrupted by sacadas and that stuff;

In this way, grounding and flying can be seen as corresponding qualities, too.



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Well, maybe your comments touch on why I don't like this particular video. For me (and this is just my personal taste, by no means "gospel") her connection is to the air, and not to her partner. For the most part, her partner is there for her to climb up over and jump off of. Again, this is my personal taste. :)

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