How an AT "Show Tango" is supposed to look like


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After seeing so many silly AT debacles on TV (SYTYCD), Youtube, etc. of how an Argentine Tango- show tango (Fantasia) is supposed to look like, I thought I'd share this video.

At least for me, this is how I measure a performance grade Argentine Tango. They are just downright elegant.

It is Forever Tango, filmed and shown on PBS, and is now available on Netflix. Rent it! Forever Tango

Of course, I'm biased. I know a couple of the original cast members and have danced with Miriam Larici several times :notworth:


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And as it's about sharing a video, Youtube suggests itself
True. You can go to youtube and do a search for "Forever Tango." However, the videos on youtube are taken from their original theatrical run of circa 1995...

The OP I did was for a new video they made this year (2008 ), which btw, the cinematography is so much better.

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