How are your practices going?

Where the ^&*? did last night's waltz progress come from? Not that I'm complaining, but that was a gigantic leap forward in balance, filling the music and coordinating back and head use to everything else that was going on... kind of hoping that it sticks around, 'cause it felt (and apparently looked) amazing... plus, let's hope it translates to other dances!
So awesome when that happens!!!!

Haven't had anything quite so profound on my end recently, but when I was social dancing and in workshops at a Lindy hop weekend this past weekend, I was shaping / engaging my core / using my whole body to lead instinctively, and it was great knowing how much progress I've made on my partnering skills.


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Solo practice last night, starting with Bronze Standard and then Bronze Latin as a leader, running though various problem spots in all dances. I'm kind of bemused that in VWaltz if I try counting measures to change direction for the short side I miss it every time, but if I just go with the music the change happens effortlessly. (Gee, do you think there's a lesson there about not over-thinking things?:rolleyes:)


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I've been practicing a lot in a somewhat warm salt water pool. The pool gets deeper across the lanes, meaning that each lane stays the same depth. Perfect for what I'm doing. I practice a range of different techniques, but today the most fun was VW and spiral turns. Between my own natural buoyancy and the salt water, if the parts of my body aren't stacked correctly, I just float off my axis in one direction or another. It's really cool getting the feeling of pushing through the water. After I had been practicing cha cha lock steps, I commented on how much better they felt to Rhythm New Guy. His response: "Yes, I no longer what to yell at you over them!" :rolleyes:


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Practiced twice this week and once more tomorrow for our first dance. Things feel really good. And we have been practicing in my dress. It was really interesting west coasting in it the first couple times, especially with the drag the skirts create. But once I knew what to expect it was easier to spin. :) So close!!
practicing walking through the counts of my choreo, since there are spots that i consistently mess up. Haven't been doing full routines on my own, been focusing on drills and trouble spots mainly. switching the gears a bit after direction from pro. comp next week should be better than the last one (in which i was a hot mess/unmitigated disaster). I will at least be in a better headspace. Also i have 5 makeup clients!! woohoo!


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Suddenly moving my arms in a counter position, what the heck!!! When did my brain start crossing signals! Practice was ok, timing movements and working on details, reviewed practice on video and, covered my eyes, I would like to throw a temper tantrum on myself now after seeing that. Sigh.
Practices have been few and far between, unfortunately, and I really need more! Unfortunately, sick kid, sick husband, nanny drama, Olympics, back to school prep all got in the way. And now I am sick. So frustrating! I feel like I am close to getting some of the stuff that my teachers have been pounding on - the connection between movements, using my feet to drive my movement, when to stay on balance and when to go off balance....and I spent the weekend on the couch, sick with a cold and feeling like lead. GRRRRRRR


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They had been going really well - I seem to be getting good results with decreasing the number of hours on the floor, and upping the gym and sleep time - but yesterday was a bit of a disaster.

Took me forever (ok, about an hour) to get into my legs and start dancing at a level even remotely resembling my ability... got some good work in on FT and QS, but didn't make it through the whole practice plan... then I went to run a round or two to finish off as per my typical Sunday morning practice approach... and blah. I blanked on the opening of my waltz, came incredibly close to falling over in tango, and had my calf (which has what I think is a grade 1 strain) give out in the first few bars of FT... at which point I bailed, and went home for food-ice-nap.

I'm chalking it up to a simple bad day (and a minor injury, causing some balance issues as it fatigued), and refusing to take it as an indication that I'm imploding... given that I have a comp in less than 2 weeks ;)
short practice this weekend, due to it being post-comp week and also because of a million things to catch up on in my life. the house is picked up! the kids' clothes have been sorted through for what fits and what doesn't! Trying to implement a couple of things from the DYTM book and the 10-MT book. Only practiced mambo, but will do more dances and technique this week.
What is the 10-MT book??
Oh! It's not a dance book, sorry. 10-minute toughness by Jason Selk. it is a 'mental training' book. I used to be very meh on that type of stuff, but I can't deny that my brain got the best of me in two of the last four competitions I did. So i went in search of stuff to help! There were a lot of things that are described in that book that are similar to some concepts in dance to your maximum. I cannot vouch for results yet, but it has given me a path forward on retraining me mentally.


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Practicing with new dude while we work out whether we can make the height difference work (I hope so bc dang is he a nice dancer), which means no lessons together for now.

Working out well in standard...we're both experienced enough that we can put together a nice basic routine that's still got flow, cobbled together from various routines we've had over the years.

Latin is a disaster zone lmao. It's either basic and cramped, or the routines I had with my old partner. Desperately looking up stuff on YouTube to use for basics that still work nicely in a routine. He's not a Latin dude either so we're both at a loss.
Been carrying on the theme of "quit muscling through things in your muscle memory" and I've been really impressed with what I'm seeing in occasional glances at the mirror!!!

I've realized I don't really need effort to have proper leg / foot / hip coordination in Rumba, so I can calm down with that and focus my energy on further hollowing out my core and using my back and arms in coordination with my walks. Very excited to keep this thread going.

Samba's a similar story with whisks, the hips down are automatic minus a leg detail im adding for styling, so I just need energy on that and the rest can go into my core, back, and arms.

Did get annoyed with myself running a solo round yesterday - the floor in the studio is super slick (still new ish, needs to break in more to be really good for dancing) and it was a brutal adjustment from a very sticky floor in Houston all weekend. There was some sweating under my breath as I struggled to keep balance in sections (but it was a good reminder that step size was getting a bit too big).

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