How are your practices going?


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Still haven't found that line between my responsibility to keep our connection in our common center WHILE giving him my weight AND being engaged BUT not stiffening my shoulder/elbow SO that he can lead me.

For me, I think this is my windmill, my center of the Tootsie Roll Pop. LOL! (cries)
I had a blast prepping with my practice partner for Latin and rhythm for a comp this past weekend. Since last September, I've really been focusing on standard and the pressure has definitely taken some of the joy out of dancing it. This was a nice break from all of that, though admittedly I could have been very happy without the Latin component :p

That said, I've been enjoying applying all of the things from lessons in standard practice! Talk about instant gratification. I now want to focus on the most basic of figures; they've gotten much more fascinating, which has been a great change after hitting a plateau for a while. Now to get my partner to feel it too...


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Worked on rumba and cha cha yesterday. I was having an off day and was off-balance all over the place, but it was fortunately still productive. Working on re-establishing our connection, both visually and between our hands, throughout the routines. Also switched to jazz shoes halfway through because I suspect dancing in heels for extended periods of time aggravates my lower back, and switching from normal heels to flats is very weird.

Working on not taking my foot off the floor for this pseudo-lift thing in rumba, but keeping my foot on the floor is also kinda painful.
Been working on leading with lots of different people as my partner was not present. The big thing to practice though is keeping frame more and not under rotating natural spin turns so I end up going the wrong way. Luckily if I do umder rotate I have found a way to get myself out of trouble. More practice on Friday and Saturday before my first university comp on Sunday


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Yesterday's practice was all about working on last week's lesson "aha" moment - while working on QS - that I've been over-outsiding my OP position.

Most of my routines are chock full of position changes, and holy, it makes a difference! I have a long wall in FT where I dance feather, bounce fallaway, a few pivots, a lunge/drop thing, an outside spin, and a running curved feather into a ronde... I've struggled to hit the lunge/drop thing perfectly since I got this choreo, which makes the outside spin massively difficult, because I'm already off balance. Fix the OP position in bounce fallaway, and magically, it works. Easily. Gaaah. So much effort trying to fix the problem on areas where the problem totally wasn't occurring, because it never occurred to us that the issue could be that far back in the wall, or on something so simple :mad:

Now just to repeat it seven million more times so it becomes automatic.
practices have been few and far between due to holidays and work, but got moving yesterday! worked on my turns and spins. got a little too tense in my shoulders, so need to increase those exercises again. will be lots of practice through this week and next, as one of my pros is on well-earned vacation and the other's wife is having a baby. LITERALLY RIGHT NOW HOW EXCITING! so i'm thinking going back and focusing on drills and little things, instead of routines.


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practices have focused on drills and details recently, but last night it was all about practicing my new mambo. and some closed smooth for the first time in like....6 months. more mambo practice, then learning the new cha cha coming up!


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Thanks to chiro jamming their fingers in my in-complete-spasm right subscapularis in the morning to try and get it to release, Saturday practice was lighter than normal this close to comp... but at least I was mostly mobile and there was a practice... because that was in doubt when I woke up. Spend some time working on foot pressure and dynamics in, because that didn't hurt.

Still sore on Sunday morning, but put in a full practice. VW is improving, and there's hope that it may be in decent shape for comp. Rounds (my usual practice-finisher on Sunday) were not a complete disaster - though I only ran two, instead of the planned three. I was feeling that same muscle start to clench near the end of the second, so thought it better to get home to a heating pad instead of completely incapacitating myself.
actually got some decent practice in this weekend. did vw and ft in smooth, cha cha focus with a walk through of the other rhythm routines. Mainly paying attention to spots/focus on turns and through routines, so that my gaze/head is not wandering, but instead looking somewhere specific.
Got the entire ballroom to myself for an hour this morning for solo practice before work. I put on a new ballroom CD my partner gave me and did drills and routines, trying to put in practice the corrections from my latest two lessons. It felt wonderful. Even tho I mess up far more than I get it right, it just felt so wonderful to be back at it. I had been neglecting solo practice for a couple weeks. I am realizing both my partner and I dance better in the mornings than evenings. Last Saturday morning was similar, but with headphones and the gym, not the ballroom. There is a special feel to that old ballroom. Perhaps it is the merciful lack of mirrors. :)


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All new routines for Latin - and going much better than expected. We got a comment that we were going a bit too "full boil" at times with some of our routines, especially cha cha. I'm kind of relieved because now I can breathe in them!

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