How are your practices going?


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Me: *shows up for practice yesterday, starts warming up*
Pro: Hi! How was practice on the weekend? (I like to practice early, so pro often doesn't see it happen... but he's aware of its existence.)
Me: It wasn't. I was sick... slept a lot, and did a lot of the video work you asked me to do.
Pro: Oh. Well, that's okay. We'll work really hard tomorrow.
Me: What? Why? Is that my punishment for getting a cold and taking a couple of days off?
Pro: *laughs* No. But I have ideas. You'll see. *leaves*

Moderately fearful for my lesson this evening...


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Put on pure mood CD's and did some yoga at home yesterday...wandered into doing some slow dance movements and rhythm isolation accident latched onto a shifting movement to add more volume and interest in slower dances like rumba and bolero...I could do the movement on its own before, but it was difficult pairing it with something else...seemed to come together...hope I can lather, rinse and repeat...have noticed that yoga has increased my flexibility...and my sciatic nerve problems have calmed down considerably


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Was able to successfully later, rinse and repeat last night practicing at home in front of a mirror...looking forward to trying it out on the dance floor...

...unrelated, but also did some yoga again last night...felt tree, boat and plow poses calling...not sure why, but I always seem to want to be a tree...balance improving in slow increments...can stay in warrior II a long time...will start working on warrior III


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finally got some decent practice in this weekend, woohoo! still adjusting to my kids' new activity schedules, which has been making it hard to find the time. lots of lessons this week, and then another empty weekend with time to practice YAY.


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Finally started getting back into some kind of practicing routine. Feels good.

Videotaped myself doing the basic today for salsa.

Man my basic sucks. My feet roll out (a lot) - which I've known for some time but of course keeps getting put down on the bottom of the priority list. Looks really ugly though. And my back hip action at all. arrggh.


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Tried a little Br Smooth with a newb just for the heck of it. She said she's not danced before, but there was something that seemed to indicate otherwise IMO.


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Tried a little Br Smooth with a newb just for the heck of it. She said she's not danced before, but there was something that seemed to indicate otherwise IMO.
It's possible. There's this woman who showed up in the local dance scene a couple of years ago. The first night I asked where she had danced before because she was following me so well. She insisted that she hadn't. I came to believe her because in the following weeks her dancing got steadily worse as she danced with the run-of-the-mill social leaders and picked up their bad habits instead of mine.


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4-day weekend meant much practice (interspersed with bathroom renos, because you need to do something while you wait for paint and caulk to dry - so why not practice?).

- Doing one thing at a time. Finish moving, collect, then pivot.
- When to recover to neutral... then actually recovering to neutral.
- Solidifying that basic position tweak we found last week and staying neutral with my shoulders (aka - making OP and PP 'smaller')

It was a back-to-basic-principles weekend.
Hour and a half of Latin today followed by hour and a half of smooth with my pros Rinse and repeat Wednesday. And two hour practice with the mrs tomorrow. Nice to have a week off without travel. Comp in two and a half weeks. I will still workout andtrail run too just.........coz:D:D:D:cool:


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My new dance partner figured out how to give me nerve pinches inadvertently. I don't like it. I've never had a dance partner that could make my whole arm numb. I know a lot of it is coming from giving him exaggerative body weight to help with our connection.

In spite of the pain, our dances are starting to actually feel great. We'll see today after our coaching if the feeling great relates to looking great. :oops:
Really great, actually.

I don't know what's gotten into me, I've been feeling super motivated the last couple of weeks and have been practicing almost every day. Sometimes for just a few repetitions of something, but still.

Hopefully I'm out of the slump I was in.
I just noticed a few people "liked" my post it was really really cool to see that.

Thanks for the encouragement! I felt supported. :)

I'm about to put my shoes on right now and do a few runs.

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