how can I learn to dance like this guy?

I am really rigid and I have never danced in my life, but I want to change that. I really want to be comfortable dancing in clubs and be comfortable moving and dancing in clubs and social setting. I have taken a few classes of west coast swing, bachata, and tango but still when I go to the clubs and parties depending on the music type I cannot do much since they usually dont play the musics that I dance to in the dance class. If I want to be decent freestyle dance like this dude: (Gianluca Vacchi)
type in youtube "Italian Millionaire Has Dance Off With Hot Girlfriend On Yacht" (I couldnt post linked here since I am new)

where should I start? which style of dancing will be useful to take?


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Hi jjoll, welcome to DF!

To be a decent freestyle dancer is a demanding project, because you have to invent moves that fit the music right away. A free style dancer normally knows the rhythmic patters, knows the part of the world the music comes from, has a vocabulary of characteristic moves, has a sense of on what situations that style usually is played to (besides a high level of body control and expressiveness).
...cannot do much since they usually dont play the musics that I dance to in the dance class...
That actually will be your next step, jjoll: systematizing the rhythms, the signatures, the tradition behind wcs, bachata, and tango! Broaden your knowledge, analyize different dances on YT without end. Freestyle is the prime discipline.

All the best, then!


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where should I start? which style of dancing will be useful to take?
only half joking: either standup comedy or public speaking.

Nothing he does is anything you can't do, especially if you have a background in bachata,swing and tango. Over time i have come to the realization that a big part of dancing (and any other activity that is in some ways a performance) is not being afraid of embarassment and being shameless. What you are reacting to in this performance is much more confidence, playfulness, and willingness to put oneself out there, than the actual dancing.

This can come from feeling secure that ones skills are up to par, hubris, the realization that other people care much lass than we are afraid of, or any other source. Polishing ones movement skills to unassailable perfection is one of the harder ways, and from the great dancers i know it is not a surefire way. Taking the risk of looking the ridiculous inherent in performance and either not caring or even cherishing it is a difficult skill to learn, and other disciplines do it much better than dance.


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Italian Millionaire Has Dance Off With Hot Girlfriend On Yacht

The so-called freestyle part is easy. Just drink one glass of whiskey. Being a millionaire for the upkeep of the hottie and of the yacht is another story. Start to sell whiskey worldwide maybe. Preferably in countries where whiskey is forbidden.
The bit of advice I would give his don't be afraid to look a little foolish. Of course practice on your own but learning to express yourself as one of the things that makes dancing so enjoyable. Sometimes people may laugh but don't let that get in your way. Just enjoy moving your body and realize what a wonderful thing that is.

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