How close is too close

Further to my post, I and the females prefer close embrace. Not only does it help me as the leader, the followers feel the connection, as do I. They usually finish with a smile on their face.
I prefer the close embrace to the open embrace (which I have tried and I am not as good nor is it as enjoyable for me).
Me smelling of female perfume at the end is a small price to pay I think for the fulfilment that a well connected close embrace gives.


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I once danced with a male leader who had long thick hair with loads of product in it plus heavy cologne. His hair was all over my face and I'm highly sensitive to most scents marketed to women (which is what is in most hair products). Men's cologne doesn't make me quite as dizzy and woosy although some can and his did. I had to request that we dance open because I couldn't breathe. It isn't just the women who overdo the scents.

After that, I'll never danced with my own hair loose on the right side again and I never wear perfume. (or lipstick or foundation... really, why bother with foundation? It's just going to rub off on his face anyway!) I don't know how leaders deal with women's hair all over the place!

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