how dancing shapes a boy into a man


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madmaximus said:
Ahh, the mistaken (but seemingly common) notion that to be a gentleman is to lead a severly boring life.
The sublimation of one's self to a stricture of restraint and abstinence.

Well, see...there's the rub isn't it--because it is not.

If one understands, suspects, or have reason to believe, that the lady will indeed take profound offense
if one were to deny her a hand running lazily through her silken hair,
or her parched proferred lips were not met with the same passion,
or otherwise taken by the waist and thrown onto the floor while whispering breathlessly "darling carrot-stick, take me, NOW..."
(with such compelling ardour that all the household's smaller domestic animals scamper for cover and dear life...)
or other such collar-warming liberties ,

(which by the way seem to reflect some of the competition Rumba I've spectated lately),

then the gentleman will make sure he doesn't offend.
He understands that must rise to the occasion and lets loose the skills required.

Acting or not acting upon the moment can make one a temeritous idiot or a timid mouse--depending upon how the lady would take offense.
A gentleman understands the difference and will act accordingly.


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