How Did You Choose Your User Name for Dance Forums?

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When I first created my email years ago, I was asked to think of a username and the first name that popped up in my mind was 'Louis' but I gathered that was too common. Thought for another 3 seconds and then came 'laucy'. And it has to be all lower case too; it loses its meaning when written as 'Laucy'. Oh well, guess I am just real fussy about stuffs.

As for .my, it is kind of like a double meaning thing. It represents Malaysia, where I am from and also the initials of someone special. I reckon if that someone special is no longer special then I can still keep it as 'Malaysia'. It used to be two numbers, like for example laucy32, the two numbers being my birth year and then I decided that I wouldn't want people to know my age when and if they have my email so I changed it to .my. :)


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I chose mine based on "saggitarius" my horoscope star. Then I decided to make it feminine sounding with an "a" ending for yucks.


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I started dancing late in my life at about 44. Two years before that I strongly felt to change something in my life and so I started to learn TaiJi in a Cheng-Man-Ching style class. I also subscribed to some TaiJi and martial arts forums. And because I currently was leaning the 16th posture of the CMC form (which is called Apparent Close-Up or Six Sealings and Four Closing) I decided for Close-Door as my forum´s alias. One minute later I found that it must appear really shuttered and introverted. So I changed it into Opendoor. And when I finally stopped my TaiJi activities I carried the alias over to my DF account.


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Thanks for telling us your thought process. It's very unusual, I guess, for someone to be so open and transparent in an online forum. Thank you. I think opendoor is a much better fit than Close Door would have been. :)


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Aura is the energy you radiate. For me, it's always been bright and energetic, something I want to continue on the floor.
Well, it was a really tough choice for me. It was either my name or:

1337d@NZ3r!!!1!!!eleven!!! :cool:

The strange paths life takes us when we let a coin-flip decide our fate...


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mine is a combination of a nickname my parents gave me when I was a kid and my birth date. although now that I think about it I could have gone without the birthdate and been perfectly fine.
Silmarwen is an Elvish name (yes I know, I'm a nerd :) ) It's (very) rough translations she who shines like the silmarils (a specific set of jewels). It's also connected to the concept of stars.

I've been using it for years (since I was 14) but it describes how I want to live my life, reflecting light and energy. Although my teammates would probably tell you I just like sparkly things. :p
Mine comes from something my trainer said to my dance partner while we were practising our paso doble. She told my partner to watch me while I was leaping because there was no knowing where I might end up: "He might be in somebody's ice bucket." :lol: It was a fair comment.
OreganO is based on a joke my mum makes about my actual name. She always likes to remove some letters from her oregano at home so it spells out my name :)


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GG is a nickname a couple of unconnected people have given me in the last few years. The rest is a pretty obvious nod to my dance habit - which is in direct opposition to the first part.

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