How Did You Choose Your User Name for Dance Forums?


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I chose mine based on "saggitarius" my horoscope star. Then I decided to make it feminine sounding with an "a" ending for yucks.
There is actually a constellation named Sagitta... it represents the arrow fired by Sagittarius the Archer. I always wonder why you choose your name after that particular constellation... :oops:


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This was an intentionally anonymous name, as someone close to me is uncomfortable with any sort of online presence. As to where it comes from, big cats figure in my astrology from several traditions, and I am a bit long in the tooth, now.
My name came from running/ and racing triathlons in College. I wore racing clothes from a (now defunct) company called "Rip n Hammer" Everybody on the team called me Rip. And eventually if some oddball called me by my real name (Ryan) nobody knew who they were talking to. So the nickname stuck.



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"Jude Morrigan" has been my nom de net for years now. It is, I fear, a name I originally made for a video game character. To be honest, I kind of regret having reflexively chosen it for this forum. It's a bit too name-like without having anything to do with my actual name. (Which is Ernest. Feel free to say "hi" anytime anyone runs into me at a comp or other venue.)

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