How do I get asked to dance


Really, that's it.
Too true. Sitting is what people do when they are resting or just non-dancers. Another thing to think about is just getting on the edge of the floor and doing some solo shines. This lets more advanced leads know that you're not a newb. It also says "I'm here to dance and if I have to I'll dance by myself!"

When it comes to social dancing, I'm TERRIBLY shy. I've been known to sit on the wall ALL NIGHT LONG (4-6 hours+) waiting to be asked. I'm intimadated by really good Salsa dancers since my skillz are not as mad as I'd like them to be.

Another thing that I do is *never* turn down a dance unless a guy is absolutely intoxicated to the point of being dangerous. Sure, you have to dance with a lot of frogs before you get to the prince, but at least you're *dancing*.
The clubs I frequented ( Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta for e.g. ), were 99% latino.. they wouldnt know what a dance shoe was if you threw it at them !...
Holla for O-town and Hotlanta!!! I live in a suburb of the former and lived in the latter and only the "ballroom" crowd wore dance shoes to "da club". In Atlanta they'd descend onb the club with their identical shoe bags and do the "shoe change" before the free lesson. Not as bad in Orlando, but then I've not been Salsa clubbing here in a while. The big salsa club I used to go to had a NASTY floor and so there was NO WAY I was taking my (then) $100+ shoes out. Uh uh. So I'd wear whatever heels I had that were comfortable *or* a broke-down pair of ballroom shoes.
If you were here in Corvallis, Oregon (home of Rumbanana Salsa Group! Yay!), which BTW I would think was pretty damn cool b/c then we would get to meet, I would suggest befriending the women! I dunno how it works elsewhere, but here that's the key. Pick out a couple of women who seem to know everyone, and casually make friends with them.
Good luck! (And come visit!) =)

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