How do y'all feel about digital magazine subscriptions?


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Not sure if I'm still so old school that I need glossy paper in my hands. Digital would eliminate the stacks of back issues, I guess...


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Don't like it. I spend 40 hours a week in front of four computer screens at work, then at least 2 hours a day on my laptop at home. Enough is enough. Give me paper, and pages, and something that doesn't involve swiping a touch screen. Call me old school, but I will never have one of those book-reading tablets either.


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Some digital fashion are really good. You can see the dress close and extend it to details. You are able to click for some video on the topic of the article or even set an option to read it to you. I get some magazines on my Nook monthly and some are really interactive and very good. You can see newest equipment for skiing for example or some exersizes in action while reading an article.


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I was surprised to find that I'm perfectly happy reading books on an electronic device: usually my iPad, but sometimes what ever I have around. However, books are something that one always reads linearly. One would think that something where you might move around would lend itself more to electronic reading, but I haven't found it to be quite the same. I now subscribe to my newspaper digitally and there are upsides: it's easy to have it with me, I can look up more details about a story easily, I can do a search on something I am interested in. However, I am clearly missing out on the something about the experience of browsing through a hard copy of a paper. I really enjoy it when I am visiting somebody and get my hands on the real thing. I have toyed with the idea of digital magazine subscriptions, but haven't tried it yet.


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The biggest things I like about electronic media are the portability (a whole library, In The Palm of your Hand!) and accessibility (a couple nudges of a fingertip, and you can find what you want, instead of sifting through dusty old tomes that have lived somewhere dark and spidery forever).

With anything backlit, it really hurts my eyes, so I do most of my recreational reading on a 3rd gen Kindle (the first keyboard one). As far as magazines, auto-delivery or pick-and-choose either are fantastic.
As a closet tree-hugging hippie, I'm a huge fan of eliminating the paper waste (we've been in our apartment less than a year, and it's mildly irksome thinking about how much paper and ink was wasted on magazines that my roommates leafed through once or twice).

I really like casual reading on my iPad mini, for pretty much the reasons Hedwaite mentioned (mostly zoom and convenience). For serious reading (especially reference books) I really like reading paper since I find it easier to focus for long periods when my book can't spontaneously transform into the app game of the month. :rolleyes:

In other news, I'm a huge, huge fan of people using y'all! (As an adopted Texan).


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No. The only electronic-only content I'm willing to pay for is Daily Racing Form (and some handicapping PDF downloads) and that's mostly because the relevant information changes too quickly for paper to be much use when you're wagering long-distance. If I go to the track, I buy the local program and possibly the paper DRF there. I don't have a smartphone and it would be a pain to lug a laptop (I don't have a tablet. The karmic death of the inventor of the touchscreen is something I devoutly wish to see.) I don't read eBooks even when I download them (and I'm vastly less interested in marketing/selling or updating my own books in Kindle format. When I added a preview chapter, it's in the paper version only. If people aren't willing to cough up the extra $12 it costs, of which I get $5, I'm not wasting any effort adding extras for them. If they'd pay $14.99 for the ebook, I might care.)

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