How do you become a certified dance instructor?

Ugh, I've been looking around EVERYWHERE on the web and I haven't found any decent exams to take to become a dance instructor. And when I do find one, it's not exactly the type of instructing I am interested in. PLEASE HELP ME! Oh, if any questions are asked, I would like to be some sort of modern dance instructor (hip hop, house, pop, break, etc...) :D
Ok... First, you need to find the caps unlock key on your keyboard. Beyond that you'll have to ask someone else, because I don't know.

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What a coincidence. Go to Barnes and Noble and browse through the latest issue of Dance Teacher magazine. There are several camps, intensives and certification programs advertised there. Or go to and take a look. NDCA, National Dance Council of America, is an affiliation of organizations that do certifications. Or, if you're in Europe, look up ISTD, the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance. The London ISTD (not the US one) covers many branches of dance, including ballet, jaz, etc.

Oh yeah, and I posted this in another thread yesterday. If you're in the US, you may want to email the Dance Educators of america for information about their dance certification programs which will be held in New York June 27 - July2 and Las Vegas July 12 - 17.

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