How do you call learning both roles at the same time ?

Hello there, I'm a dancer from Paris. I'm very interested in the idea of Lindy (and everything) classes where you get to learn both roles, leading and following, at the same time. I've been looking for a way to name it.
A school here in Paris has started it and calls it ELF, for "Equality Lead and Follow". They say they got the term from elsewhere. But I'm having trouble tracking the term down, and I don't really like it, I find it a bit too complicated for its purpose.
So, do you know such a term, and if so, where did you get it from ? Sources would be really appreciated. Places where it is used, references to classes using this principle, also.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day :)

The terms to search for are "ambidancing" and "ambidancetrous". It's by analogy to "ambidextrous".
Yeah, I was thinking about "omni-", "poly-", "duo-", "full". "Ambi-" seems like the best of them. Thanks.

Another idea: Rolling Role

by the way, welcome to DF, Nicolas!
Thanks. There's a little nuance between "swapping" (having people dance the role they're not "meant" to), which is not what I'm looking for ; and "learning/dancing both roles indistinctly". Rolling sounds like swapping to me, but maybe I'm wrong, I'm not a native english speaker.


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My teacher calls it being "bi-danceual". During class she has to stop occasionally to remember whether she's leading or following and tells us, "It's not easy being bi-danceual."

Of course teachers need to know both lead and follow. At one Lindy camp two male instructors started dancing with each other and they kept switching roles in the middle of the dance. Fascinating to watch.

And I heard that traditionally Argentine Tango leaders start off learning to follow and then years later they learn to lead -- they also start learning at a much younger age.

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