How Do You Keep Satin Shoes Clean?

Flesh colored satin shoes are the norm for women but a pain to keep clean. Mine end up looking dirty in no time. I like to practise in the shoes I plan to use at comps, but hate to get them looking dingy by the time the competitions come around. Any ideas how to keep them clean? Someone recommended Scotch Guard but it's off the market now due to its hazardous ingredients. I've seen some dancers who slip leg warmers over the shoes, but don't know how they manage to not have to slip the warmers over the soles.

Once they get dirty, does anyone have suggestions how to clean them? :confused:
Dye Them?

Dye them different colors ( darker each time needed )till finishing with black
Hey Tango Time: What a creative solution. However, someone more experienced in the dance world told me that colored shoes are not so in these days, although dyeing them in a flesh tone seems possible? Supposedly, flesh tone shoes help visually to create an unbroken line from leg to foot. What sort of dye would you use?


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I use the same style of shoe for practice and comps, but not the same shoes. I either buy a pair in black for practice or I demote my last comp pair when I buy a new pair.

But there is a thread on cleaning shoes which you can probably find on search.


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Paint 'em. Jacquard Lumiere has excellent coverage and IMO is not at all stiff or sticky like some other fabric paints.


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I mix Bronze and Gold, but they also have a number of gold tones that may work as nude. Depends on what shade you are trying to match.
Eucapytus oil if you can get it works like magic. Just put a little on a cotton ball and wipe it over. I have also used just a small amount of pure soap and some warm water and spot clean them. Mummsie
I, as well, try to keep the exact same shoe for practice, then switch to the "newer" pair for comps. At the comps, if I get a big scratch mark, I just cover it with makeup (liquid foundation). It's not exactly the same color, but at least covers it up.
Keeping satin shoes as clean as possible?

Sorry for the 50 zillion threads lately.

I'm about to invest in a pair of Supadance 1008s. Currently I'm dancing in a pair of $60 DiMichi's, but they're really a social dance/latin shoe and now that I'm starting to compete, I need to make the investment into real standard shoes!

So anyways, I see that a lot of people use their more worn out shoes as practice shoes when they buy new competition shoes, but I am going to need this one pair of shoes to last me awhile. So I will be wearing them for practice and competition. I'm a broke college student!

So what is everyone's advice for keeping the shoes as clean as possible?


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Spray with Scotchguard BEFORE wearing (make sure you don't get any on the suede bottom though), wash them with a sponge dipped in warm water and Tide or Woolite - it gets them look very presentable if not brand-new and I've done it about 4 times with very grubby-looking shoes.

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