How do you say DIP in Spanish?

Hmmm..... that's a tricky one. I can think of "bajar", "dejar caer", or "inclinar"..... I don't think they quite capture the meaning of "dip", though:confused:
I take classes in Tango where the class in all in Spanish but I haven't heard of the term "dip" in Spanish. Actually I have heard people using the English word "dip" when speaking with spanish salsa dancers.
I googled "dip basicos" and got matches

"Dips Básicos - Aprenda la técnica esencial a fin de realizar los dips en la salsa."

Note that "dip" in spanish would be pronounced "deep" ;)

I intend to go to a Salsa congress in Madrid or Valencia in the summer. I'll have to learn the dance terminology.

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