How do you shuffle?

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You're absolutely correct . . . and on the downbeat!

Shuffle, Fort Worth Shuffle, South West Shuffle, Houston Shuffle

Shuffle, or Shuffle Hoe-down, is a very fast dance. Anyone for a description?​

Houston Shuffle is another name for Triple Two-step or Progressive Double Two-step. See elsewhere on this page.​

FWS is a regional C&W dance that origionated about ten years ago in Fort Worth, Texas. It started, according to one account I have heard, when a lady showed a drunk man the ladies footwork from Dallas Progressive Double Two Step (a variation of Triple Two Step). When the man sobered up, he did the ladies footwork from PD2 - not realising what had happened, and a new dance was born.​

The count of the dance is 123,4&5,6&. The dance is progressive and generally orbits in a continious left hand turn. Many of the spins and wraps were taken from WCS. The basic position is closed, and the man begins with his right foot on a 'down' beat. From the count, the first 'triple step' begins on an 'up' beat. This makes the dance different from ECS, polka, and T2S which begin the 'triple steps' on the 'down' beat. The dance is growing slowly in popularity, and is currently offered for UCWDC competiton as a regional dance. The 1995 UCWDC rules contain a dance description for Southwest Shuffle (aka. Ft. Worth Shuffle).​

I posted a very detailed description of the footwork several months ago. But here is the gist of it again: The footwork is three sliding steps forward (123). A step directly to the side (4), slide the other foot to close (&). Step forward on foot that took 4 (5). A step to the other side (6), and slide the feet closed (&). You should now be ready to step forward on 1 again. The man begins with his left foot, and alternates on every step (left, right, left, right, etc). On the side steps there is ideally no forward progression. The ladies footwork mirrors the mans. You don't pick your feet up. This gives the dance a very smooth appearance on the floor, dancers who are good at it look like they are ice skating.​


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FT Worth Shuffle

Is there anyone here, besides myself, that likes to do FT Worth Shuffle on fast music without getting into all the advanced moves? I think having a keen sense of rhythm is what makes it so exhilirating! Kind of wish there was a "speed shuffle" version! And I have seen advanced shufflers do this, but they generally don't dance with anyone but their regular partner.


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I don't consider myself an advanced shuffler, but even when a fast 2 step comes on, I look around to see who can dance it that fast. There are lots of times that I sit it out, because if we both can't go as fast as the music, I'd rather not dance.

As far as "advanced moves" go, if you let the woman take however long it takes for her to do a turn or whatever you are leading, you can pretty much do anything (unless someone is timing you, or judging you).

So, if you want to do stuff that's pretty difficult, you have to have a good partner. Where I am there are often a handful of single women who are there pretty much to dance, and have good enough basic techinque that they can pick things up if you give them a few chances.
Some nights I feel pretty lucky.

If you can dance shuffle really fast and stay in time to the music, there already is a "speed shuffle", because you're doing it!


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Thanks for the feedback. I guess my problem is finding people who want to "speed shuffle". Actually I'm in Tarrant county where FW shuffle is supposed to have originated. But most dancers here take it pretty seriously, and it seems to be a performance issue. Personally, I do it for the fun. Think it's an adrenaline issue.

It actually surprised me to find that FW Shuffle is done other places, because it's not generally done in Dallas, 30 miles from FT Worth. They do double two step.

There is some music that I prefer to double two step on, rather than shuffle, but I'm not sure why. (talking about basic to intermediate again)

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Slower two step songs sometimes make me want to do double two step. There a very few women who can do two step really slow, and give enough feedback to make it worthwhile. So, just to make it more interesting, I'll go to the double two step.
Here in Portland, I've only seen FT shuffle taught once in over ten years of dancing, so it's unlikely that I'll run into someone who will want to do it.
Considering the great fun Texans have with folks from Oklahoma, and the great pride they have in their state in general, it's not a suprise to me that two nearby cities have "their" very own version of a dance.
You have heard or the "origin of" story as posted on one web site?


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Yes I heard that story from an instructor. I'm not sure anybody really knows how it started at this point.

If you compare shuffle to double two, what do you see as the plusses or minus's of each?

It's amazing how very different Dallas and FT Worth are too. FT Worth is like a huge town with the advantages of a City, and with an amazing downtown area. People are generally pretty laid back. When the Bass Hall, which cost about 63 million of private money, opened, they had trouble getting people to dress up for performances. They'd come in shorts! I don't have any problem with that myself.

Steve Pastor

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Trying to get someone to start on the right foot, when they've been doing it for years by starting on the left foot, has got to be pretty difficult. It's like doing the mirror image of how you've always done it, or trying to do things left handed if you're right handed.

People write about, and teach that it is more "natural" to turn one way or the other depending on which foot goes first. That seems to be true. If they really stay in a closed position all the time, you don't have to rethink all the open "turns", like underarm turn, etc.

I think I wrote this already, where I am people aren't likely to change what they already know. That means double two or West Coast Swing in spite of one FT shuffle lesson. Maybe someday I'll give it a try just for the challenge.

Fort Worth sounds a bit like Portland, where some folks wear Birkenstocks to the opera. I'll check on that next Saturday.

Maybe someone else does both frequently?
the shuffle is a melbourne australia started dance to see a champion visit this link it is a series of sliding moves to tecno music or you can check out for more insite
ok if oyu go to youtube and type in moonboy you will find out wat shuffleing is
but the quick low down is it is basicky a fast moveing dance, where you are to keep one foot on the ground at all times so that the dance looks smooth and liquidated
Fort worth shuffle

beg your pardon in fort worth the SHUFFLE is very big an we call it the FORT WORTH SHUFFLE
they teach it at RODEO ECHANGE every tuesday night around 7pm this is near the stock yards and on w exchange street, off of north main street, they also teach it at 3 or 4 other places that i know and i used to make all of them

the basic step is 8 beats, its a little bit hard to learn in the beginning but keep tryin you get the hang of it, then theres turns wraps, an more taught in the advanced classes,

u have to feel the music to know what dance steps goes with what, theres the fast two step, west coast swing, etc,

just have fun and practice practice an more practice

We are just learning the "Dallas Shuffle" (what they call it in Ft Dallas, they just call it "The Shuffle")

Does anyone know where you can find lists of songs that are appropriate for the different dances (namely The Shuffle)?

How do you know which dance to do to which song?


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