How do you shuffle?

There is a difference between the two shuffles in Dallas and in Fort Worth and the two dances are not compatible. When in one place and referng to the other city's "shuffle" you say "Dallas Shuffle" or "Fort Worth Shuffle." At Cowboys Arlington, they do the Fort Worth Shuffle most of the time. Competitive dancers in the are can be spotted doing Triple Two Step to the same music. At the Round Up, they tend to Shuffle to faster music and the dance develops a little bit of bounce or lilt as the music speeds up. Someone who is doing Triple two and someone who is doing the Dallas Shuffle can dance together, but the Dallas Shuffle is a more upright posture than the Triple Two which has more stylization and shaping to it. thoroghly confuse things, There is a dance called "Progressive Double Two" which to my eyes looks just like the Dallas Shuffle but people "in the know" insist there is a difference. *sigh* I don't see it though. All the dances are basically done to the same kind of music, but one may be slightly better than the other based on speed. The Triple Two tends to work better with the slower music, Ft Worth Shuffle with the mid-tempo and Dallas Shuffle with the Faster songs.
#42 thoroghly confuse things, There is a dance called "Progressive Double Two" which to my eyes looks just like the Dallas Shuffle but people "in the know" insist there is a difference. *sigh* I don't see it though.

One thing to look for in the progressive Double Two that is different, is that it takes up less of a "footprint" on the dance floor than the others and can be danced more easily on a crowded floor. In fact I have seen it danced in place when movement on the floor has stopped.
How to Fort Worth Shuffle

Gosh is the Fort Worth Shuffle smooth. If taught correctly it is a "small-step" dance that progresses, generally looping, around the dance floor. It is popular with women because of the large number of spins and wraps that can be used with the dance. It is popular with men because, you guessed it, it is popular with women.

The shuffle is difficult to learn because it is a 6-1/2 count dance, and is usually danced to music most couples would use for the Cha Cha. Shuffle starts with a "triple" 1, 2, 3, followed by a small shuffle on "4-and" a step on 5, and a small shuffle on "6-and". The woman needs to learn and practice a special footwork, known as the "cross-step" or "rock-step" for use when the man backs out of the line-of-dance and sends them forward. Usually one evening's dancing is enough practice to get the dance down, since it is primarily muscle-memory. Once learned, though, you will not go lacking for dances. The dance is a ball.

You can see the shuffle in-action at lots of the clubs on Exchange Avenue in northside Fort Worth. It is also danced in Arlington, Texas, and some Dallas women yearn for shuffle partners. But if anyone would learn this dance and export it to the rest of the C&W dancing country, people will ask "what is that you are doing" with jealousy in their hearts.

Remember, "Fort Worth is Where the West Begins, Dallas is Where the East Peters-Out."
We first learned Triple two years and years ago and we called it Double Shuffle. Back then it was done to faster songs, one of my favorite songs was Fly like a Bird, Boz Skaggs. It had lilt. It was fun and really close to Polka. Try doing Polka for thirty years, then learning to put the two walk steps in there-- it was a blast! Anyway, along comes the big guys that decide that it needs to be changed, and all of a sudden it becomes a much slower, shaped dance, looking more like a waltz. And it looks beautiful that way. Am I gonna change? Nah. We learned Night Club Two, three different ways, first- called out side, rock, step, then it changed to rock, step, long slide, then all of a sudden it went to step back, cross step over, then step side. Talk about habits that are hard to break! Oh, and then there was the hustle change we went through. First counted to us, One two, and three, then we changed to And One, two three. So there are lots of ways to do these dances. Can someone give the actual count of the Ft. Worth Shuffle? I think I read a post where it had 8 counts, one said 6 and a half. I have done progressive, and it had the same count as the Triple Two, but it was done to slower music, and we didn't do a lot with it. Just my Triple Two cents worth......
They just reopened the Horseman Club, it seems. This place was closed for a while, and I'm not sure why. I think they have new ownership. Was always a good place to watch people doing the Fort Worth Shuffle and other dancing...

I have done Fort Worth Shuffle, however, elsewhere. And only very basic figures... On the other hand, I've played lots of Blackjack at the Horseman Club, with play money that you could get there, when I used to go...

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