How many adornos do you need?


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Anxious for BTM's reply, and perhaps I am just anal about this, but I believe much of it has already been answered.........

  • 1. Being able to stop the woman in any postion
    a) collected
    b) leg out but weight on back leg
    c) equal weighted
    d) as b but on front leg
    2. Leadind controlled throughout the pivots
    ie so you connect well and she's pointing the way you want.
    3. Finding her feet in the middle of any step with your feet.
    4. Woman maintaining distance throughout giro
    5. Exercise: to strenghthen calf muscles to get mans pivot starting in leg action
    (like stubbing out a cigarette with your toe but with weight on the leg - or doing the twist
    6. Turning with the chest (leader) then turning the hips to get ahead of the woman
    7. elongated box step with turns (I'm too tired to describe this)

yes you are: I just answered the question that was asked me

It was the three hours a night for three weeks that made it work!

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